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  1. i am having problems climbing over FL300 half the time, it autotrims to full NU and speed decreasing to around 160. i am within the flight envelop and never full pax and load, Max TOW well within limits. At one point it just start falling , not stalling . Nose drops and losing altitude. It can climb to around FL 270 without any problems. What are you speed and ROC above FL300 ? ANyone having this problem ?
  2. Hi all CRJ fans, Having been privileged to take part in the CRJ developement program, flight testing, route proofing and product support, i am happy someone made it for MFS2020 and can now again sit in my office since i retired in 2019. Unfortunately we delivered the last CRJ from Bombardier this month. I have been more involved with the CRJ100/200 , 440 and 850 than the 700 and 900 but they are pretty close. It would not be that hard for Aerosoft to make the 200 version. I started on the program in 1991 on A/C 7001 which was the first prototype built in Montreal, soon after i have been assigned as Avionics crew chief on 7002 and we transfered to Wichita Kansas for flight testing and certification program. The first A/C fitted with an interior was 7003 which was painted in the color of Lufthansa Cityline which was our european launch customer. Based in Koln Germany, we flew everywhere in europe to test routes and turnaround times. We took part in the Farnborough airshow in 1992 with 7003, where it embarqued its first passengers for a demo flight. I have been assigned to the startup team at Cityline when they started taking deliveries of their first CRJ100s. I have spent numerous months at Cityline in Koln between 1992 and 1996 for support and mod programs. Back in Montreal i was assigned to the preparation of the CRJ's for DOT inspection and customer deliveries. I had my hands in practically all of the CRJ's 100/200 that were produced. We also traveled a lot because we often off loaded paint jobs to other facilities like Toronto Downsview, Tucson Arizona, West Virginia etc. When the longer version the 700 came into production in 2000, i continued as crew chief on the 200 until the end of the production around 2006 when we introduced the business version called the 850. The 850 was like a cheaper version of the Global Express with a deluxe cabin that could carry 12 to 16 person. This was the 8000 series, Lufthansa Technics in Hamburg was a partner in doing the interior modifications and completion and i was there in Hamburg on and off from 2006 to 2008 for product support and modifications. The 850 program completed, i transfered back to the origin of the CRJ, the Challenger which was now the Challenger 650 and the newer model the 350. I had a blast working on the CRJ program and i am proud of having participated on the most successful regional aircraft program ever. Now i am enjoying it again with this sim thanks to the nice work of the people at Aerosoft. Please make the 200 or the 850 Business version.
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