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  1. From the tower at PKMJ (Marshall Islands Int'l - Island Sims add on scenery):
  2. petedob

    FSX "Blackscreen"

    Apply UIAutomationcore.dll fix. This "fix" didn't work on my system when I tried it, but installing HIGHMEMFIX=1 in the graphics section of the FSX.cfg did the trick.
  3. I checked the downloads section and didn't see this excellent repaint there. Is it someplace else? Pete
  4. Thanks for the info Mason. The noise is driving me nuts too. Pete
  5. Mason, I'm experienceing the same problem, sound for ASC cooling is too loud. How did you reduce the sound volume of the file? Pete
  6. I don't think you are doing anything wrong, there may be a problem associated with the flight management computer and the pitching down of the nose at a hundred feet during landing. I had the same problem. Another forum member suggested switching off the Flight Management Computers (three buttons, upper left overhead panel). I did the so and it eliminated the nose down action and increased the responsiveness of the controls. Hopefully Aerosoft is working on the problem although I could have missed something in the manuals about how to configure and fly the jet. Aerosoft has otherwise done a remarkable job with this simulation; it is excellent. Pete
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