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  1. A few days ago, I sent a PM to Mathijs concerning one of those particularly unpleasant and nasty replies, asking him when it was going to cease.... The only answer I got was the deletion of the whole thread, unfortunately including the o.p.'s reasonable request. I wonder how long THIS thread is going to last.... Jean-Paul
  2. Hi guys, Perhaps you should have another look at the thread on Avsim. If you don't want to go through the 24 pages, just read this. Jean-Paul
  3. As well as the elevator... Adjusting pitch by hand seems impossible with FBW on. She either climbs or dives exagerately. And yes, my X52 is calibrated... Jean-Paul
  4. Perhaps an "Up" is needed. The topic could be merged with this one and the manual landing 100 ft problem added to to the official "Known issues" ? Jean-Paul
  5. Same problem here. Call-outs start at 400ft and at 100, hell breaks loose. But as it also is my first post here, I just wanted to congratulate Aerosoft for this awesome bird. Amazing job and amazing fps . I am sure all the teething problems will soon be solved. Jean-Paul
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