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  1. Did a quick test at Amsterdam Schiphol EHAM and V-speeds did indeed appear as expected. So it does look like it's altitude related. Thanks Hans!
  2. I believe I've seen it at Denver KDEN but this time I was starting at Eagle County Regional KEGE, which has an elevation of 6547ft. I was flying with live weather, temperature around 10C. As I mentioned, I did see some older forum posts about the Bombardier only providing data till 6000ft, but it had some follow up posts about Hans getting newer data up to 10000ft. I also found it interesting that the -1000 does not seem to have this problem. Was perhaps only the -1000 data updated, and not the -700?
  3. I’ve seen this once before the latest update (20220624), but after updating I thought I’d have a quick look and it occurs again. I like to start in the turnaround state, set up everything, and then checking the EFB it looks like attached screen shot. And no matter what I try, and I’ve tried a lot, it will not show those speeds. This only happens with the 700, the 1000 appears ok. Edit: I’ve got the Marketplace version and did a clean install, because the update process never works for me with the CRJ Edit2: I was attempting to take off from KEGE, which is a higher elevation airport. I read an older forum post about V speed issues at higher altitude, is that still a problem? And if so, why was the 1000 ok and not the 700? No custom mods or liveries (for the CRJ, at least) Any ideas/suggestions?
  4. Saw on the news about Paderborn being hit by severe winds. Wasn’t that Aerosoft’s homebase? Hope everyone is safe & sound! Wishing you all the best, René
  5. I think it bears mentioning that what sets companies apart is how quickly (or even if) they resolve those bugs and limitations …
  6. I’ve posted similar things on these forums. I feel the best we can do at this point is keep the faith, and trust that they are in fact doing *something* even if they don’t talk about it much. Note that I’m trying to stay positive here, I too am getting increasingly impatient with the lack of any tangible progress on this plane (or the Twin Otter for that matter), despite assurances they have not in fact dropped this plane like a hot potato. I was a pretty big fan of Aerosoft until recently and bought both the CRJ and then the Twotter on day one. I will not make the same mistake with the A330.
  7. I was also a little bit confused by this, after reading in this same forum that the CRJ is not in fact capable of flying RNP approaches. Maybe the FMC is in fact capable of dealing with the format, but the plane is not able to actually fly such approaches? Perhaps I’m misinterpreting something.
  8. No doubt this will draw another sarcy snark reply, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect some after market support on something like this. I think your McDonalds hamburger is not a good example. You buy it, you eat it, done. A car is a better analogy. If you buy it and something is not right, say a manufacturing issue, you expect the manufacturer to maybe look at it, or fix it for free, or a recall or something. You expect after market support. And yes this is an example, I’m not equating an expensive car to a £30 computer game addon. I’m sure most of us are well aware it’s only a fake airplane we use for entertainment, but if something is not right with it, it’s really not overreacting to ask if someone is taking a look at it and maybe is there a fix coming please, without immediately tying that into the meaning of life or my own self worth, or letting it keep me awake at night. Insinuating that people that feel this way are delicate entitled snowflakes is disingenuous. The point is, the sim is an evolving platform, and addon makers can and will encounter issues as it evolves. Within reason, I think people can expect a certain level of effort by those developers to keep/bring their stuff up-to-date and working as the platform matures. And within reason, there is some expectation that outstanding bugs are resolved, to a degree. All that notwithstanding, Aerosoft has been rather quiet on the CRJ (and the Twin Otter) front, and if they are working on issues, they’re not doing a good job at letting people know. Are people ‘entitled’ to know? Maybe not. Is it useful to keep banging Aerosoft doors for updates and news (sometimes very rudely)? No. But they could be a little more forthcoming, purely for the sake of goodwill and ‘PR management”. You’re a funny one Crabby. In the same post you can come across as Aerosofts condescending butler/watchdog, batting away each and every unpleasant question and remark, while in the next paragraph actually saying something useful or adding to the discussion meaningfully.
  9. Look, what’s going on? What’s with the radio silence? Is this a case of “No news is good news? Nothing to report. We’ll tell you when we have something to tell you?” Is the Twotter being worked on? What’s up with the new sound set? Any updates planned at all, perhaps refinements of the recently introduced propeller model, or the new CFD in SU9? And don’t tell me there are no remaining bugs and issues with this plane. And I don’t want to post twice, but the same can be said for the CRJ btw. I’m not gonna say “Aerosoft has abandoned the CRJ and now the Twotter!” because I don’t believe that. But one could be forgiven for starting to feel that way; like another user said, the silence is deafening.
  10. @Wolfgang ErnstWhile I really dislike your tone on these forums, I do agree with the sentiment. I love this plane, and I love flying it, but at the same time I can’t fly it without being constantly annoyed by the poor engine sounds. They’re an absolute immersion killer. And while I understand these things take time, and Aerosoft will want to get it right this time, they seem to be moving slow as molasses with this. It’s a little frustrating…
  11. Me too! I was also a little surprised. Perhaps someone else can shed some more light on this?
  12. The chrono only seems to show UTC time, and not local time. Is that by design, or did I miss a button or setting anywhere?
  13. I believe it’s ‘hidden’ - they’ve added it to help simulate prop drag. Therefore I think it’s not meant to be usable by us. I’m not ever sure the Twotter has a spoiler to be honest …
  14. Was about to post something similar - I'm really enjoying this product, and don't even have any particular complaints or wishes But more liveries and routes are always nice, right?
  15. I understand about polygon budgets etc, but was still wondering whether we can perhaps get some rounder wheels on the Twotter. I know it’s quite a nitpicky thing, and most of the time I don’t care too much about how ‘angular’ the wheels look, it’s honesty fine. But I’ve set up a few cool wing views, so you can see the nicely modelled wing, the engine housing, the cool flaps mechanism but then at the bottom of the window awwww there’s that ugly octagonal wheel …. Just a *bit* rounder please! 😃
  16. or, "How shoddy airmenship can sometimes lead to the most memorable flights." So I'm happily flying along in cold Ontario, Canada coming in for landing Windsor International Airport (which is a rather grandiose title, the default MSFS rendition is really not befitting its name) and doing a circuit around the field, lowering my flaps as I go. But I'm having trouble getting my airspeed below about 110 knots. Lowering the power ever further, pulling the nose up more, trimming ... nothing seems to have much affect. Meanwhile the stall horn keeps going off. I'm getting annoyed : "What the heck, how is it stalling in this configuration, rah rah rah". I manage to pull off a decent landing anyway, full flaps, airspeed still at least 100knots, stall horn blaring the whole way down. The plane starts rolling out and really slowing down now, but the airspeed is still pegged at 100kts. I'm now convinced I've found a bug, so grumbling get out my phone and shoot some video so I can make a bug report on this fine forum. Then I realise ... waidaminute ... I'm in Canada ... it's flipping freezing here right now. I check my pitot heat ... yes, dear reader... apart from forgetting to set flaps 10 on takeoff earlier, your captain for today has also forgotten to turn on the pitot heat. I flick it on ... wait a minute or so and poof .. airspeed indicator pops back into action (and runs straight back down to 0). My performance was nothing to write home about today, but boy will I never forget to turn that pitot heat on ever again!
  17. As I stated above I’m not happy with the sounds either, but I don’t believe that’s the case. This whole Xbox vs PC situation is not ideal, and Mathijs’ statements about this have only helped to fan those flames, but I don’t believe that’s applicable here. Happy to be proven wrong, but a sound mix is a sound mix, whether it plays on your PC, your XBox or your phone. It’s got nothing to do with performance optimisation or anything like that.
  18. Let’s all be honest with each other: the sounds are not good. The patch helped a bit, but they’re by no means up to par. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that they’re probably the worst out of any plane currently in MSFS, including the defaults, which for all their little oddities do have nice sounds. I’m not gonna rant and rave or set Aerosoft any demands or ‘ultimatums’, what I simply want to know is: Is Aerosoft happy with these sounds; after the first patch, is this it now? Or is further work planned to improve the situation? -René
  19. Actually, ignore me, I think I understand better now. I was conflating the overhead red fuel levers (which control the actual fuel supply) and the fuel boost pumps (which pump the fuel around) Feel free to close this topic 🙂
  20. So condensing all this for my layman brain: the engines can in fact start and continue running with both Boost pumps off, because standby pumps take over? @Mathijs Koki understand the limitations of the simulation and what Aerosoft have chosen to model and not model, and I’m perfectly fine with that. But in this instance, it’s about where you draw that line - even the default MSFS aircraft will not run without their fuel supply turned on. (ignoring the above standby pump thing for a second).
  21. I can't be sure, but I interpreted this as 'ambience' sounds - cockpit chatter, or passengers leaving the plane.
  22. I usually put the fuel booster switch (aft and fwd) on when starting the engines, leave them in that position the whole flight, and turn them off at engine shut down. As far as I understand that's correct procedure. But my question is, are these switches actually operative in the sim? I can happily start my engines with either or both of them in the 'off' position, or switch them off during the flight without any apparent ill effects. Am I missing something?
  23. I agree, it feels a bit cheaty, but the other day I read someone saying it helps if you think of it as an external app that you would use on your iPad while flying. Like people use apps like SkyDemon or something. So that's not *that* unrealistic. I thought that was a nice way of thinking about it.
  24. Sure let me just fire up the old Pho …. Ridiculous suggestion mate. Clearly not what the OP was asking
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