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  1. I’d like to chip into suggest a Widerøe livery - they’re not a current operator of this type anymore, but they have been, and it would go great on some routes in the Nordics!
  2. @Mathijs Kok can I ask, and this may have been asked before, but how come in all shots we’ve show so far, the front wheel is always at an angle? Is that done on purpose? Or just a WIP kinda thing? Just something I noticed! Looking forward to flying it
  3. This is such an excellent explanation, I think this post needs to be pinned
  4. Hello, I'm trying to get vPilot model matching going but I'm running into some issues with the CRJ included skins. I bought the CRJ from the Marketplace, so the files are encrypted. That means I can't just open up the aircraft.cfg and look for the exact title field. Can someone help me with the exact livery names for these? I have tried several files from flightsim.to (thanks British AVGeek!) but today vPilot started throwing up errors saying that it couldn't match certain liveries.
  5. Not sure if this is exactly what we're talking about here, but I did notice on my last flight (with the latest update) that CLB power was not sufficient to maintain desired speed. Nearing my cruise altitude of 36000, I had to apply full TOGA thrust for a bit, because the speed had fallen dramatically, and in a short space of time, to near 160-180kts. Only after applying TOGA for a while did it slowly (very slowly) climb back to about .74/.76 I can't tell whether this was down to pilot error (not sure what I would've done wrong then, but ok), or an actual issue somewhere.
  6. I've noticed this after the patch too, but I don't think there is necessarily anything 'wrong' here - I just assumed Aerosoft tweaked the engine spooling up (and down) effect to be more pronounced.
  7. To whom it may concern, Mathijs answered my question in another thread: Feel free to close this topic
  8. Make sure the big autopilot disconnect bar is not in the down position. I’ve fallen into that trap. If it is, just click it to ‘push’ it back up.
  9. Had a lovely flight last night. Files still not there. Really strange. The path in my original path was wrong, the full path should be : LocalState/packages/aerosoft-crj
  10. Me too! If they’re not there, I don’t understand how it all still works! 😀 I’m using the Marketplace version
  11. Bit of an odd question, but I’m curious. Perhaps someone in the know can answer this. Previous versions of the CRJ used to do a compile step on first run, and put m*.dll and m*.pdb files in the LocalState/aerosoft-crj folder. After updating today, it seems to not create those files on my machine anymore - LocalState/aerosoft-crj now only seems to contain the work folder. The plane seems fine, but I’m curious. Does this mean it no longer compiles webassembly? Is something wrong?
  12. Re: Andrea’s comment about those m files - my folder used to have them, but now they never seem to be there anymore. Just some .cfg files. its like they’re not generated properly
  13. Is this throttle axis stuff still relevant if you’re just using a joystick slider?
  14. One thing I did note: before, that folder had a bunch of config files in it, as well as some .dll files and some files all starting with ‘m’ - webasm stuff I assume. And now after the update, it does not have any of the ‘m’ files in it, just a few config files. theory: does the webassembly stuff not properly compile or initialise with this new update? Maybe related to sim update 4? not sure if this relates to throttle issues at all btw
  15. Yes that didn’t work for me either. I had a lot of trouble installing the update to begin with, and one of the things I deleted was that folder.
  16. My throttle also refuses to move now. I’m using just the Thrustmaster TCA joystick. I move the slider, and I can hear the engine sound changing a bit (I think) but the levers in the center console refuse to move. I’ve tried recalibrate/resetting to default via the EFB but that had no effect. in fact, I’m not sure the EFB even registered any of my slider movements at all
  17. Has anyone found any patch notes for this update yet? I’d love to see what has changed/fixed!
  18. I’d like to add I’ve experienced this too last night. By default I’ve set the CRJ to start in a ‘turnaround’ state, and I was starting from LFRS. I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint what has changed recently about either MSFS or the CRJ that causes this, I’ve never seen it happen before. Exiting and restarting MSFS (and my flight) fixed it for me.
  19. That’s fantastic Mathijs, really great to hear. I love the plane, and have been flying it exclusively since it came out. Also, thank you for answering precisely something I was wondering only the other day: “Hmmm I wonder how well this did for them?” 😀
  20. Yeah people say that, but it’s been fine for me honestly. First of all, I would never expect the game to fully 100% replicate all live traffic in the world at any point, that’s just not realistic. In addition, air traffic is 90% down because of COVID. Regardless, I’m definitely seeing plenty of non-player live traffic, if you go to places like Charles de Gaulle, or Dulles, or Detroit
  21. Just to add to that, I’m referring to both other players flying the CRJ (I don’t see them), or the game using CRJs to represent Live Traffic (never), or as static aircraft (never)
  22. I never see any other CRJs in the sky, apart from my own. Loads of other types but never a CRJ. I saw loads on release day, but hardly ever any since. Not AI or other players. Currently flying in the US, which sees a lot more CRJ traffic than Europe. Anyone else seeing this? Just me?
  23. I was looking for this too and found this: CRJ 550/700 Simbrief Profiles I can’t vouch for their accuracy at all, was hoping someone else can?
  24. I hear what you're saying, and that is annoying, *currently*. Microsoft/Asobo have repeatedly stated they will improve this process, and the Marketplace in general, and I believe them, it really is in their own (business) interest if they do. So I'm taking the long view on this, and try to buy from the Marketplace when possible. I love having everything in one place, and not having to deal with multiple different shop accounts, entering my credit card everywhere, dealing with each vendor's own quirky installers and installation policies ...
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