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  1. Yes, this is definitely an important one! These are the items on the top of my wish-list: I've never been able to figure out a consistent way to reproduce it, but the autopilot often blows through SPEED mode and there's no way to fix it without completely turning off all autopilot functions and then re-engaging, sometimes multiple times Going direct from the DIR INTC page should work exactly the same as it does if you use the LEGS page, without inserting a phantom (0) waypoint. The developer clearly knows how to make going direct work as it does from LEGS; now it just needs to call the same thing from DIR INTC. Apparently this has been broken since the P3D version... The advisory VNAV on the DIR INTC page does not work correctly, as described by a real-world CRJ pilot in one of the reviews Aerosoft posted on this forum. It's displaying the vertical speeds to reach the calculated descent path rather than to meet the altitude restrictions that are entered on LEGS. The VNAV display on the MFD often gets stuck, making it unhelpful to see the time until TOD
  2. This is one of the worst bugs for me. I've been told it exists even in the P3D version. I hope it gets fixed in the next patch... As a workaround, you can go direct using the LEGS page instead, dropping the waypoint on the second line. I've never had any issues doing it that way, but I wish I could use the DIR INTC page since that's the one I usually have open.
  3. Look under C:\Users\[Your User Folder]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\aerosoft-crj
  4. Correct, I put my throttle in the CLB detent. I should note that I did not have any issues with this until near the time this thread was created, so I suspect either a sim or CRJ update was the culprit. Not sure if Aerosoft uses custom logic for this or relies on default Asobo code.
  5. Interesting, I haven't had that experience -- I don't do many turnaround flights and I see this often quite often (but not always) on my first flight of the day.
  6. Bumping this one up again as this issue has been the reason I've mostly avoided the CRJ for several months. I'm curious, does the CRJ use custom logic for this or default Asobo code? I tried the WorkingTitle CJ4 recently and found I had the same exact issue with FLC on climb -- sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes it completely ignores it and blows way past the speed that I set. Like here, it hasn't been too widely discussed, but there are several mentions on their Discord and on the official Flight Simulator forums. I have to say I'm not particularly confident that this will be fixed or even looked at this point since the last update from Aerosoft was that there would be a response after the testing team looked at it way back in October. With this in mind, has anyone figured out a consistent pattern to activate a climb using speed mode without this issue. Or the inverse -- know a particular scenario that causes it to not work? It would be a real shame to have to shelve this aircraft permanently because despite its many bugs, I really do enjoy flying it when I can trust it or at the very least know how to work around its problems.
  7. I highly recommend Toolbar Pushback now that it allows pre-planning. Very similar to Better Pushback in X-Plane which until now I considered one of the platforms biggest advantages.
  8. Apologies for the delayed response. I'll have to re-test this since I've since (slightly) boosted the response time of my knobs for other aircraft, but at least previously it didn't send the signal fast enough to trigger the CRJ's built-in acceleration. I know you're a SPAD.neXt guru -- is there a way to script this manually like Crabby mentioned was done with Axes and Ohs? I would find that quite useful for other aircraft as well. If not, do you have any feedback of the pros and cons between SPAD.neXt and Axes and Ohs? I'd hate to have to buy yet another program just to get my controls working properly (especially since SPAD.neXt isn't cheap to work with both MSFS and X-Plane), but there may not be any better options.
  9. Can you point me in the right direction of this particular script? I use SPAD.neXt rather than Axes and Ohs so I don't think I can use it directly, but I'm hoping there's a similar concept I can adapt to do the same thing. Right now, the hardware I'm using is borderline unusable for the heading and altitude knobs because they move so slowly. This seems like it could be a solution.
  10. Creating a useful API for weather data remains the top item on Asobo's wishlist and they have at least started on something. I don't know if just making the same images available with the JavaScript SDK is sufficient for airliners, but it's a start.
  11. Do mods even need approval? There have been others I've seen (grungy textures and fixes for the center knobs) that aren't officially endorsed, as far as I know. I suspect the official policy would be something like "Impressive work, but use at your own risk -- we can't support this." Which is reasonable.
  12. I believe his point was that he can't add the one line himself because he bought it from the Marketplace which means it's encrypted... Regardless, I think you are correct and this will be included in the next update -- there's no reason not to since it's trivial to fix -- but the lack of communication over the past couple of months has been quite disappointing. Not particularly on this topic, but in general. It seems like unless a question or issue is resolved by a community member and followed up with "Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.", it gets completely ignored. This is especially disappointing for the many issues reported by a real-world CRJ pilot that all go without responses.
  13. It's not click and drag, just click on the default state on the EFB to cycle through the options.
  14. That's incredibly disappointing. I can at least understand if they say "Sorry, not going to touch this," but to just ignore completely ignore all of the issues you've reported over the last several months is pretty disheartening.
  15. I assume he means to remove the thread because he found the solution. This doesn't deserve a hostile response.
  16. Right-click on the center button and your cursor will turn into a pointer -- then you can left-click on it as long as you don't hover away from it.
  17. I believe there is a reason this currently cannot be done -- unlike the other aircraft you mentioned, the CRJ is coded using WebAssembly and I believe the SDK currently doesn't permit the remote calls needed to access external services. Aerosoft has already said a bunch of times that this is something they'd like to add if the SDK changes to allow this.
  18. That should be fine. It's not like a Boeing where TOGA actually causes your thrust to increase. As far as I know the only thing it does is modify the guidance provided by the flight director. I always press it before I start my takeoff roll.
  19. Can you record a video of you setting up the aircraft and the unexpected behavior? Not much to go on here but it generally flies the flight plan if you configure everything correctly.
  20. Totally understood on the first part. Just curious, could you elaborate on why this one in particular is difficult to fix? Going direct to a waypoint works correctly 100% of the time if you do it via LEGS rather than DIR INTC so I'm wondering what makes it a challenge to trigger the same logic from the other screen. Or is there some difference in what these are supposed to do that I'm not aware of?
  21. Agreed 100% -- it's a real asset to get clear examples of real issues from someone who has an extensive background with the real-world aircraft and this kind of feedback shouldn't be ignored. I wouldn't place most of these issues at the top of the priority list, but I would hope they would at least be acknowledged and prioritized appropriately. It's frustrating that many topics with real issues are completely overlooked but "Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it" responses are submitted within minutes of any hint of a solution in other threads. I think everyone understands that there's a lot of outstanding issues right now, not everything will be addressed, and it will take time for those that are selected to be fixed, but sometimes it seems like only the low-hanging fruit is looked at. In any case, thank you @KuntaKinte for all of the issues you have reported which aren't obvious to anyone who doesn't have hands-on experience with a real CRJ. I sincerely hope that your efforts don't go to waste. I think the CRJ is the best aircraft available in Flight Simulator at the moment and I have a lot of fun flying it, but there is potential for it to be so much better, and I hope Aerosoft pushes themselves to uphold a high standard. I think it's about 85% of the way to being great, but some of that 15% really detracts from the experience.
  22. This is especially true when a significant number of legitimate issues get posted here without any response at all, or replies like "we'll take a look" and then have no update in the next six months. A centralized list of issues and their status would be greatly appreciated. Asobo gets a lot of deserved flack for their update processes, but the way they list out and prioritize their open issues along with status and targeted release is quite good.
  23. The minimum runway length for the CRJ is 4500 ft and both runways at SBRJ are slightly less than that so the CRJ filters out the airport.
  24. I believe he's referring to a third-party application called YourControls which adds shared cockpit functionality so you and a friend can control the same plane. If you weren't aware of this, it's not the cause of your issue so please don't go deleting all of your control bindings.
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