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    T.O.D. 2

    I'm not sure if that's the exact trigger -- that should be very helpful to fix if it is! -- but I too have often experienced the countdown freezing. For this reason I have to hit the MFD DATA button to switch up the view but hopefully this gets fixed.
  2. This isn't a CRJ issue -- you have AI assistance turned on and it's changing the frequencies for you to work with the built-in ATC. I recommend disabling all assistance options.
  3. Do you have your cruise altitude set (under PERF INIT)? Do you see a TOD appear if you click the MFD DATA button (you may have to move to the next page if it's a long flight plan)?
  4. That is a fair point that I hadn't considered -- with this in mind it makes sense. I was just thinking that it knows the airport elevation so it could calculate at least a rough TOD based on a direct path, but again I wasn't sure if that was a bug or a design decision by Bombardier. In any case I typically do enter a runway and approach prior to departure with the understanding that I may have to change that mid-flight, was just curious to know how it's supposed to work if you don't.
  5. I'm sure this behavior will be changed natively as Hans previously commented on it, but the more I use it the more I don't mind it, even if it was not an intended change. It's definitely easier to avoid turning a dial when trying to click the center button now and I might even prefer it. I know this needs to change for VR, but personally I'd rather see the development time go to fixing other issues, especially since this sounded like a significant effort.
  6. My understanding is that you climb at 290 IAS until your MACH reaches 0.74. At this point you switch to MACH mode (click the inner button on the speed knob) and climb at 0.74 instead and you'll start climbing at a faster rate. This usually happens around FL260.
  7. Interesting. I'm not convinced it actually does that as I don't think that's been my experience, but I was actually thinking of the little blue circle on the vertical speed section of the PFD rather than the snowflake. I believe that appears at the same time as the snowflake but I could be wrong. In any case, I tend to not use either -- I wait until I reach my TOD and then follow the vertical speeds on the DIRECT screen for whichever waypoints make the most sense on my arrival.
  8. Yes, I've embarrassed myself with the same bug. It works better if you use the LEGS page instead and move your waypoint up to the second line, but that goes directly from your current position without any turn anticipation so I'm not sure that is completely correct either. Way better than the DIRECT functionality though.
  9. I am not sure if this is correct behavior -- it seems to me that it should be able to calculate TOD without knowing the arrival runway -- but in my experience it will only give you a TOD if you enter both a cruising altitude and arrival runway. I always look for my TOD by clicking the MFD data button and looking on there though as the VNAV display otherwise stops updating sometimes which is a problem. Also, the snowflake will not appear until you have passed your TOD, even if you start your descent slightly early. Once again this seems odd to me but I'm not sure if that's a bug or just designed differently than I would expect.
  10. Mildly related, is there a way to clear a speed/altitude restriction after it's been entered?
  11. I've done a few flights with the latest World Update and haven't experienced any crashes or new issues, just the same ones I've been waiting on for months. I've been lucky though in that I've never had the CTDs that so many people have reported both with the CRJ and MSFS in general.
  12. After further testing it seems like using the LEGS page and moving the desired waypoint to the second line is a decent workaround to this bug. If the DIRECT page worked correctly, would this work the exact same way or is there a functional difference between the two approaches?
  13. It's hard to tell but it looks like you actually turned it off when clicking the switch. It seems likely that you never actually turned off that switch after starting your APU prior to departure so when you reconnected to ground power it was already active. If you just taxi away without turning the switch off, it will remain active. I have done that before, entirely self-inflicted. Not sure if that's realistic behavior or not though.
  14. I've never had an issue with this, though it's very difficult to tell which buttons are actually pressed down. With the APU running I pull up to the gate, connect ground power through the EFB, push the button that's lit up as available, and then turn off the APU. I've never lost power doing this.
  15. I was able to replicate and capture the above scenario pretty much exactly. Hopefully this is of some help fixing this problem as being able to go direct to a waypoint is essential functionality. 0:00 - Entering flight plan 3:15 - Direct VIRKA, creates phantom {0} waypoint 4:25 - Plane begins to turn away from VIRKA so I switch to heading mode 8:15 - Approaching VIRKA, I re-engage NAV mode and go direct ENE. {0} waypoint goes way off to the side, messing up the path to ENE, and the plane does not turn on course (actually slightly left) 9:40 - Have to switch back to heading mode to point towards ENE
  16. I just did the same exact route and had the same behavior -- phantom waypoint when I clicked direct VIRKA. It wasn't just a bad line -- the plane was not flying straight to the waypoint. I used heading mode right until I reached VIRKA at which point I clicked direct ENE and instead of leaving the correct line which was already there, it removed it and put some other line way off to the right. This is super frustrating -- I really don't think I can trust this plane to fly online until the direct functionality is fixed. It hasn't come up too often for me, but when it does it's a major problem. I really hope this is fixed very soon as I don't want to have to go back to X-Plane to fly on VATSIM.
  17. I've started flying on VATSIM more recently and this behavior has been particularly irritating. I just flew the following route: CYUL VIRKA ENE OOSHN5. I was assigned the CYUL departure from R24L which is basically fly runway heading until given vectors. Shortly after airborne I was given direct VIRKA but the CRJ inserted a (0) waypoint off to the right. It didn't seem like it was trying to fly to this phantom waypoint, but it was also not going directly to my waypoint, kind of swerving back and forth. I ended up having to use heading mode to get where I needed to go, but periodically tried to go direct VIRKA to see if the FMC would eventually get it correct. As I got closer you can see a very exaggerated phantom waypoint.
  18. Thanks for providing this detail. I hope Aerosoft takes this into consideration.
  19. It seems like a bug to me but I'm not completely sure it is. It won't calculate a TOD without at the very least selecting an arrival runway and a cruise altitude. It seems to me that it should be able to calculate a TOD just knowing the cruise altitude and the destination airport, but perhaps a real-world pilot could shed some light on that.
  20. Is there any solution to this yet or at least acknowledgment that this is a legitimate issue from Aerosoft? I keep catching myself going faster than I intend to since it's more intuitive to follow the bug than the actual mach number displayed above.
  21. I have seen this a number of times but am not sure if this is a bug or if there are duplicate systems to measure wind and it's expected that they return slightly different values. Notice the MFD shows winds are 321/17 while the PROG screen (second page) shows 332/18.
  22. You likely have the AI copilot feature turned on which is attempting to control the radios for you. That's somewhere in the Flight Simulator settings not specific to the CRJ.
  23. If you hold down shift while you scroll it will move much quicker. Not an issue at all for a DH but can be a bit tedious for a higher MDA.
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