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  1. I don't really think anyone's complaining, you're not the only one who knows how to wait a bit... others have don't that in their lives too (Shocking). Were talking about all we really can talk about now, a potential release date or when news will come. We are all still optimistic (some cautiously) about the project, but talking about what we can. We know developing an aircraft takes time, that's not new information, and everyone here would rather a bug free aircraft on launch. A little conversation even speculation is better than letting the thread die, you're not really onto something.
  2. Yea they wouldn't of said for just a few days or weeks, might be optimistic but for now my best guess would be end of February at earliest for sim update 3 to the end of the quarter. Assuming they didn't get the tools they said they needed or the update broke things or something, but hopefully its just polish their working on. Would gladly eat my words though, if it's sooner. Anything to not have the aircraft not buggy on launch.
  3. People say this while they have hundreds of dollars invested in addons that improve every aspect of their platform and feel like their on a high horse. I myself have a few hundred invested in X-plane and its clear to see that MSFS will be the general future. It merges the all the things that Xplane and P3D had going for them in my opinion, flight dynamics, a massive freeware addon community, and arguably the most important, the low cost and life of X-plane, with the planes and payware aircraft developers of P3D. People seem to forget that we weren't doing our pretend checkrides 4 months into
  4. Exactly this. All we can really do is speculate at this point or share excitement. With the way that sim update 2 was talked about, that it would or would not be very significant to the crj's development makes all of this is understandable. I don't really think many people were expecting a yes or no to a 2020 release after sim update 2. Most probably wanted to know if it was a significant step for the team or not, no one expected the sudden silence. As Abriael said, Aerosoft can do anything they please with their products and or information, just as we can express how we se
  5. Would it be too much to ask if the team has been able to progress past what was holding them back before sim update 2? Also if a release window can be considered sometime in January?
  6. True. I really don't want to get into the speculation rabbit hole, but no early access to the larger content creators seems kind of "iffy" to me, if that's the case. Especially how many launches go these days in the gaming industry. However still confident to consider this a day one pickup for me at the moment, and still excited. Also was looking forward to the said preview video before Christmas, but I'm sure Aerosoft are doing all they can behind the scenes. Edit: By large creators, I'm considering the likes of: Chewwy, CptCanada, Jeff Favignano, etc. So they could h
  7. I read the manual as well, a question about throttle control - I am currently waiting for peripherals to be back in stock whenever that may be, at the moment I only have a gamepad at my disposal so I have been making the most of it for the moment. Will the crj throttles work without an axis? I currently have respective buttons to increase nd decrease the throttle based on how long the button is held, will this work in the aircraft? In relation to this, once I retard the thrust on touchdown, as long the reverse thrust is armed, will simply continuing to "pull back" or hold the button activate r
  8. I haven't operated a crj in a sim before, so more of a question about how the aircraft works. I often do flights anywhere from 2-3 hours, once at cruise i usually do things on my other monitors and focus less on the sim, sometimes a my leave the desk for a bit if i need to. I understand the aircraft has no autothrottle, but is there any way to have it maintain a speed at cruise? Weather it is an aircraft option or something implemented by Aerosoft? I am however glad that this will be a very hands on aircraft and i can't wait to fly it, best of luck to the team with the project.
  9. I haven't been able to find this anywhere, unlike the current aircrafts inside the sim, will the crj be able to follow airways as well as SIDS & STAR's? I'm sure it will, just would like to confirm
  10. In relation to this question, is there any timeline for when these SDK features will be implemented so you can finish development? Also, once you have these features, how close to a release would the team be?
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