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  1. Just attempted my first flight after the newest update. I was flying from Key West to Miami as I've done several times. ATC asked me to change the arrival runway, so I go to the "KMIA ARRIVAL" page, then I click "next page" to find the runway, and the aircraft seemed to 100% lock up on me, everything froze including all displays and it no longer flew the arrival. Never had any bugs other than the well known ones before, so it's the first time I've had this happen. Not too sure if this is isolated or if others have experienced it, I'll revisit it once I have some more time for a flight. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021.09.09 -
  2. KDCA and the river visual will have more traffic then Heathrow
  3. Brace for impact of a thousand messages about the sim crashing on first load, good luck AS
  4. Decided first flight is definitely KASE to KDEN, keeping the easy ILS until familiar, then I'll do the return Also contributing to 200
  5. I've been eager since I was a lurker on page 1... but I think its really starting to set in that it's tomorrow, first of a new gen of flightsim... Also, contribution to 200 pages.
  6. Yes I fully agree, I was only suggesting Vatsim or Discord for Voice capabilities while making something like that, keeping the correct headings, speeds, alt, and everything that will change very quickly, That's the only part that would be difficult on the forum, or with only text. Definitely wouldn't want to move any community away from the forums. Fun to think about pulling it off
  7. Can't edit the last post after awhile. I tried something, just pretend there's 10 more a320's, or crj's as would be, in a V formation...
  8. Been thinking about how this could be feasible for quite a good chunk of the day. Use Vatsim or multiplayer + discord? Private session? Model matching? Instancing limits? Angles? A short video of a flyover, or a trailer type video, ending with the EDLP flyover. Would love to organize something like that but it's all new to me so a lot to consider. I can kind of see a clip of the camera panning around the interior of EDLP then switching to the AS building, focused on the logo, then panning up keeping the AS building & logo in frame then the crj's fly into the frame in formation. Then some sort of wide shot of the whole thing, showing the full airport?
  9. Huge formation low pass over Paderborn and Aerosoft... I like the sound of that
  10. Because people have always talked about performance and it's important to have the head room for 3rd party addons(CRJ)?
  11. Concerned with the performance again, after the update seems like I lost 20 - 30 across the board, sitting at AS TNCB pulling 35, compared to last night it was easily 50+. Places like EDDF went from 40 to 20, dipping to 15 or lower at times (not exactly ideal). I was anticipating a 5-10 fps loss with the CRJ compared to a32nx which was something I can live with but I'm not sure now after the loss from the update. Hopefully this will sort itself out quickly. Anyone else got a performance loss?
  12. Eh not quite that, they still have are a week ahead in air time, we just wont see it. Not that bad though, just gonna keep rewatching come fly with me for now.
  13. Dang, wish I caught that earlier, spent a bunch of time trying to write a checklist in advance.
  14. Hope we can ai and other players contrails. It'll be 80% of the sky with the amount of crj's in the air.
  15. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/1067-manual-translations/
  16. What was said, couldn't find the actual forum quote though. (From FsElite)
  17. Just a simple suggestion, maybe it would be a good idea to put the episode number in the title of the come fly with me videos? For those who are completely unfamiliar and may not have found the series through the forums.
  18. What about passengers in every *other* seat, for corvid purposes, with 8k masks?
  19. Sim update 3 is delayed by a week, hopefully this doesn't effect anything.
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