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  1. Hope we can ai and other players contrails. It'll be 80% of the sky with the amount of crj's in the air.
  2. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/1067-manual-translations/
  3. What was said, couldn't find the actual forum quote though. (From FsElite)
  4. Just a simple suggestion, maybe it would be a good idea to put the episode number in the title of the come fly with me videos? For those who are completely unfamiliar and may not have found the series through the forums.
  5. What about passengers in every *other* seat, for corvid purposes, with 8k masks?
  6. Sim update 3 is delayed by a week, hopefully this doesn't effect anything.
  7. They said the *dates* are getting announced on Monday
  8. Will there be an episode about turnarounds? Aside to this, I've heard to minimize time on the ground you often would start planning the next flight before landing? Is this true and possible in this version?
  9. Surprisingly never really thought about it, if I had to pick it would be either ENVA with Aerosoft's scenery scenery or EKCH with Flytampa, no specific runways. Definitely gonna be operating the SAS cr9 in and out of the two quite a bit. But then thinking about where I actually am in the world, there a ton on fun Canadian airports I could name if given time, hard decision.
  10. Considering we will get the dates in monday, is it safe to say RC 1 has been reached yet?
  11. Really starting to consider a delivery trans Atlantic flight, stopping where need be. Edit: https://simpleflying.com/skywest-hop-crj700/ Check this out
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