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  1. I can confirm. It used to be fine, but now it does its best Harrison Ford impression
  2. Please make sure installation options are supported, for instance for those airports that have an option to toggle static aircraft
  3. Thanks for clarifying. I have a few reservations about the new airports, so it's good to know who I should blame haha 😂
  4. I watched the livestream, which is why I'm asking, considering that Mathijs appears to imply something different, unless, I guess, he missed "Aerosoft" in Nicolas' post.
  5. One important thing to do is, whenever you have to go into the menu, go into the drone camera first. This will deactivate your ability to control the plane, and bypass the glitch. Once you're out of the esc menu, you can go back to the cockpit camera.
  6. Try cycling your airbrake. The CRJ should have no issue climbing on climb thrust setting up to its 41,000 feet ceiling unless influenced by external factors (wind for instance) or badly configured. Most of the time I saw someone mentioning issues climbing is due to a a bug in the simulator with the Thrustmaster TCA sidestick, which pulls the airbrake (without a visible movement of the lever) and/or flaps whenever you go in the menu. Not sure if the issue exists with other controllers as well.
  7. Whether it's ok or not is a different issue. It's not ok if they don't get fixed. But since now you're begrudgingly revealed your experience in this specific field, let me tell you. This is *nothing* in PC flight simulators, even more so in their infancy. The fact that this add-on actually follows the LNAV route quite well is already a remarkable feat. VNAV is usually a lot more problematic. This is not to say that problems don't exist and that they should not be fixed, but if you intend to keep flying this kind of aircraft (or even more complex), and to keep purchasing them before they had a few months of the market to get put through their paces by a lot of people in a much wider variety of situations than what can be tested in-house, get used to this, because it isn't going to change. Having issues on the ILS is very common as it's the part of VNAV that requires the most finesse, so it exacerbates the problems further. This is already (and surprisingly) above industry standards in terms of initial quality and polish. It may not be ideal, but it's the reality of things.
  8. You've now dodged the question six times. Shall we go for 7? 😂
  9. Still not answering the question. Is it so hard to simply admit that you're a relative newbie with PC flight simulators and you're actually unaware that airliner add-ons *always* launch with comparable issues (actually, it's usually much worse) that normally get solved over time simply as a byproduct of their complexity as a software?
  10. You have not answered my question. Care to quantify your PC flight simulator experience with add-ons of similar complexity 2-3 weeks after their release? Perhaps bring a few examples? Both have been out several months since their initial (very basic) release, and they've been iterated a ton since. If you started using them recently, they're nothing like they were when they first were made available. Properly following ILS glideslopes was the least of their problems then. Their developers have done an amazing job over a fairly long time, but let's not lose perspective. This has been out 3 weeks.
  11. You haven't answered my question. Since you're happy to wave around your real-world resume, I'm sure your PC flight simulation experience isn't excessively personal information, is it? Incidentally, the first complex add-on for a new simulator doesn't make issues less likely to appear. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. For what it is, the CRJ has amazingly few issues.
  12. How many of these $50 (or more) add-ons of complex airliners have you flown before two weeks from their release?
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