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  1. Really appreciate it......The thought itself as much as the product. Thanks Aerosoft!!
  2. Absolutely correct. The answer are all out there. Since I feel nice though I want to give you a heads up. As per Mathijs said: Cheers
  3. Are you done asking for stuff around Michael......jk hahahaha
  4. Please finish it. We can't wait to see it in action. Thanks for your effort. Cheers Will
  5. Dear Tigerclaw, I'm sorry but I cannot agree with you on this one. Yes we could have pointed her out on a solution which by the way is all over this forum, but translation or not, this is not the way to ask. Maybe you should read again the first post that I copied & highlighted below for your convenience so that you can realize that the translation did not alter the meaning and the tone of the message: Does anyone doubt that Aerosoft is a successful company? Does anyone doubt that the products sold by Aerosoft and a higher quality than the other bidder? All responses will be NO. So what about the Airbuss X? How long will it take here at this forum discussing the mistakes of Airbus X? Stop! We are tired of entering all the time in the forum in search of a solution that is lagging. Someone with enough experience in conjunction with airbus who developed this software must find a solution for those who bought. URGENT. We're not supporting unable to fly and land. SORRY. I know that truth is not pleasant but somebody needs to say this Ticiana "I WANT MY LANDS AIRBUSX" Sorry, but just to be clear once again, in my opinion and in any language this is not the right way or attitude to have when you ask for help !!!! BTW Turn off the 3 FBW switch on the Captain side of the Overhead panel before you take manual control of the aircraft and you will be able to complete all your landings Ticiana. Cheers Will
  6. I'm sorry but I need to remind you that there's only a handful of customers that are unable to fly this aircraft. V 1.21 is actually working pretty well and the service pack came out pretty quickly after the initial release. Therefore somebody is working to try to fix the problems related with the aircraft. Personally I'm successfully flying this Airbus everyday and although not perfect yet, I manage to finish all my flights with good landing rates. I feel for you if that's not the case but I strongly advise you to change your approach toward this add on and Aerosoft more in general because this is certainly not the best way to get some help. Try to give us some details about your issues so that maybe we can try to solve them and have you fly & enjoy asap. Cheers Will
  7. OOOPPPSS never mind. Wrote too fast without reading the rest of the topic.... Sorry. I knew it wasn't gonna be a big issue and it works exactly as explaned above. Will
  8. Don't bother doing the full reinstall cause I did tonight and experienced the exact same problem. I'll look into the aircraft.cfg file within the camera section. It shouldn't be a hard fix. Keep you posted. Cheers Will
  9. Thanks for all the hard work, it's really appreciate it......... Cheers Will
  10. Hi Jason, No there's no SID & STARS with this version of the Airbus X. It supports Navigraph because you can update the database and be able to insert all the way points for a SID/STAR manually, not in a traditional Airbus way. The introduction of full SID/STARS support is intended for the Advanced version that will be coming out next. Yes it works well on either Windows 7 32 or 64 bit as long as you take care of some basic details like permissions, privileges, etc. Yes. The use of a good quality controller is always recommended but a decent Joystick can also do just fine. Hope this clears it a little. Cheers Will
  11. Good for you !! Still don't understand what are you doing in this forum if is such a joke.........
  12. I'm doing the very first V1.20 flight right now. So far all the little annoying problems are not there anymore, take off was as smooth as silk and everything is in perfect order. Great work Aerosoft !!! Edited at the end of the flight. Everything worked as expected for this intended target of add on. As far as I'm concerned and FSX related I will be flying this bird for a long time to come and can't wait for a more complex and advanced version to come out. Thank again for providing so much fun...... Cheers Will
  13. Sorry guys but I just cannot let this one go........ This is ridiculous and absurd. Despite the fact that this Airbus does work and there's thousands of players flying and enjoying it on a daily basis (not saying is bug free, I'm just saying that it does work) the overall idea of consulting a lawyer it's simply unbelievable. Either you have one in your family with a lot of time to waste or you don't have the slightest clue of what that means. You're complaining about spending $40 into an add on that you cannot use (whereas at least 50% might be your fault), but have no problem giving a couple of thousand dollars to a lawyer to basically end up getting nowhere ?? Now, to me, that's living in never never land !! Seriously. Do you even know what you're talking about ?? Perhaps, you would be much better of spending more time trying to figure out FSX and actually LEARN how it works and less complaining and writing this kind of unrealistic posts. I truly hope you get back on earth with us one of these days. Good luck Will
  14. I'm sure it's already been requested and I also think that somebody is working on it,............ Is it coming soon ?? Thanks Will
  15. Vasilis, it doesn't matter how many times you reinstall the product if, for example, your DLL.XML file is corrupted (which I think is one of your problems and that's why you cannot use the FMGS). You need to uninstall first, clean, check and find the cause of the problem second and only then reinstall again. Otherwise you'll be having always the same issues over and over again. Refer to this post to have some clues on how to do that: http://www.forum.aer...showtopic=38739 Concerning the Airbus X Connect: Do you have all of the Visual C++ 2005 & 2008 (and associated SP1's) installed ? Double Check !! The fatal error at FSX shutdown can come from different issues, but let's take it one step at a time. Try to work with the above and post your results. Also, it would help if you could attach a copy of your DLL.XML file with your next post. Cheers Will
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