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  1. You dont have to acually make an FS object, just a drawing or somthing will do. also maybe a box on the andras map as to were we should put it. Idea's like FB and so on or much thanked much so anymore idea's like that which can help us. Thanks for some of the idea's which will be put to use soon.
  2. Yes, you heard us (well, me) right, we need your help! So, heres the deal. In order to provide Medical and Fire services to Andras Field and soon to the USA, we need two things.... 1) Design of a hanger and placement of refill spots in order to refill the tankers with retardant and fuel. Where should we put this? (Hanger should be able to wholly fit a 747-400 and same for the spots.) 2) Imput on how we can bring in more of you! Also, if anyone would like to donate to the fire station, just PM for more details in which will go to support the fire station and Andras in general. So please, give us what you think we should do? We are also considering getting permission for expansion but we wont know for sure until we can see all of your idea's. So again, please post and give us feed back. Stuck in wildfires, Fire Chief Sam (Cag)
  3. Colorado, right now, the best place you think of. Great for just about anywhere! And any type of flying plus it will give the fire dept a little more mountain time!
  4. Hey guys, its the Chief here. Sorry i have been absent and still will be for a bit. For those of you, i am a Firetanker pilot but because of the fires around were i am not letting up, i have been driven into overtime for it will be a while. While i am in my semi absent, Vice Ole will be taking of shop for a little bit until i am can obtain full duties again here! Fire season for Andras area will be picking up soon! So be ready. As for the hangers and stuff, we are working it out and designing one out of google sketch for use. I look forward to working with yall, but please do applaude ole for his work here too. Thanks again, Cag, Andras F/R Fire Chief
  5. Thank you, i owe you one. ALSO, LIST IS UPDATED. SORRY FOR ABSENCE!
  6. Be nice to see some new pics on this.
  7. Unless the Jayhawk or Seahawk has a Bambi bucket, it would be of no use. (No offence) But the Kodiak may have a use. Well deal with Ambulance services later on once things get hot. Otherwise,it is mainly Fire at the moment.
  8. Your AS350 will be of great assistance and a nice addition to the station!
  9. All Andras Fire/Rescue members and people who want to join, look at first post. Thank you.
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