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  1. One for the fantasy world! DHL A330, for the cargo guys! https://cdn.planespotters.net/photo/921000/original/d-alma-eat-leipzig-airbus-a330-243f_PlanespottersNet_921110_83bc654b1e.jpg
  2. ETP Additional fuel [ETP ADD] is additional fuel required for dispatch as identified by Critical Fuel (CFUEL) calculations. If Critical Fuel (CFUEL) required is greater than Fuel on Board (FOB) at the Critical Point for fuel calculations, ETP ADDTL fuel will be added above the line (required). You can mitigate this sometimes by adjusting your ETP airports, or ETOPS alternates. Sometimes, however, winds are too great and fuel must be added to insure you remain above CFUEL. Joseph Chamberlain International Aircraft Dispatcher - UPS Airlines
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