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  1. Hi, An user has posted a list of changes on Avsim that he has found by himself... It would seem, unless I'm mistaken, that there is no change log! Is there any somewhere??? Richard
  2. Rolf, this is I have in the MCDU. Notice the "ILS25" or "LOC25" have 108.30 instead 109.75 which is the correct frequency in P3D and Navigraph I use. I'll answer your question as soon as I've done the test. Thank you and Regards, Richard Below after selecting the "ILS25" approach via RLG
  3. Rolf, KEGE have LDA DME 25 (109.75) with GS (in fact in P3D it seems work like an ILS with an offset 3°) and RNAV (GPS) 25. I'd used the LDA approach, I'll try the RNAV when there will be the update...this latter should work?, no? Don't know if it's useful but....clarification: I have the ORBX KEGE. Regards, Richard
  4. Normally after landing the MCDU resets, which allows to continue with the next flight after disembarking and embarking the passengers. I usually don't have a problem with that, I take a new route and so on... But sometimes the MCDU doesn't reinitialize itself, in the picture I just landed at KSLC and the MCDU stays loaded with the flight plan instead of clearing its memory and reinitializing itself as usual. I probably mistakenly thought that the fact that the checklist script did not finish prevented the MCDU from completing its own procedure. Regards,
  5. There is not additional Voice Packs at this time in the A3xx Pro. Checklists and options are in the MCDU 3 (Shift4 to open it). Regards, Edit:sorry, not seen your post Otto. Feel free to delete mine. Regards,
  6. Thank you Rolf and it's geat you found the reason. So, regarding the non-reset of the MCDU, I suppose it is preferable that I post in the MCDU forum? Regards,
  7. @Hanse Rolf, About landing at airports with a higher altitude then normal... Maybe it is linked or not but every time it happens the MCDU does not reset itself...? EasyJet A320 Thank you and Regards,
  8. Have you tried to check "Force ATC wind lock" option in AS for P3Dv4? Richard
  9. I'm new with the A320 pro v1.2.0.1... I have the same issue. The fp was KLAS/KEGE with ILS25 approach RLG transition. KLAS SUVIE NORRA BCE HVE DBL KEGE Thank you and Regards,
  10. For the previous version owners, V3 for P3Dv4.1 just landed at Fspilotshop... Regards,
  11. Great ! Thank you ! Regards,
  12. Seems it's the same here... Edit : solved (for me)... just with the reset option. I compared the data.cfg files before and after reset but I fail to see where the problem is... Regards, Richard Portier
  13. During some flights I had the same feel. Regards, Richard Portier
  14. The same here +1 Thanks a lot Marcel, Kind Regards, Richard Portier
  15. Hello Shaun, Ok, no problem, I can deal with that ;-)... By the way your Madeira update is great (visual, fluidity....) Best Regards, Richard Portier
  16. Hello Schaun, Have you some (good;-)) news about ? Best Regards, Richard Portier
  17. I left the aircraft on ground with the engine running for some time. When I returned, the engine had failed and the propeller was physically broken at the ends of the blades... Regards, Richard
  18. Hello, If I leave the aircraft with the cockpit open for some time while the snow falls, the flight controls are locked. Regards, Richard Portier
  19. Hello, I have this message from time to time but only when I shutdown FSX... Regards, Richard Portier
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