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  1. I hear you, but truth is, most of the MSFS sim crew is exactly that - CTRL-E "pilots", and whether we want it or not, those are the ones that buy products right now. Take a look at the MSFS market, it's filled with very VERY low quality products that sell like hotcakes. People go NUTS over the A320NX and that is just a very minor improvement over the default A320, but still they think it's a whole new development!! (Spoiler: It flies just as bad, and is just as unreliable). So, calm down and embrace the change because it is going to happen. Developers need to make money (they live from that) and thus they go where the money is and right now that's MSFS. I don't fly MSFS yet because i like reliable, technically advanced simulators so i'm all P3D, but i do keep an eye on MSFS development and as soon as 3 or 4 good aircraft are available for it, i will probably jump as well because it also looks and feels so much better and more realistic. It happened to me with FS98, FS9, FSX and will happen with P3D and, who knows, MSFS as well. It's only natural and called "evolution". It's fine if you want to stick to P3D, alas, tons of people still fly FS9 exclusively. What is important is that you do what you like the best, but understand the developers position.
  2. Shaping up nicely, best wishes for all the upcoming aircraft.
  3. Here, compile and run it: Console.WriteLine('Hello World'); Hey, it's bug free
  4. People mostly care about the ones that still fly or the ones that are most widely known. Tough luck for me also, an MD-11 lover. At least TFDi is on it now. @Mathijs Kok I assume this will be the next MSFS release, followed by the Airbuses later in the year?
  5. He's just saying hi and letting other people know about his work as an introduction. 16 years is a long time.
  6. Does this type of installation (DVD) still require the setup of XBOX Live stuff or is it a seamless install just like FS9 FSX and P3D are?
  7. I'm stupidified by the amount of dedication and quality of this scenery. Congratulations, this is indeed a work of art.
  8. Can these be made to disappear? It's rather annoying as it uses up space and doesn't really help. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. I don't understand the attitude of some people in this forum. What is so complicated about installing the hotfix and trying out the Airbus during a night flight and confirming that i can see lights operating correctly? I didn't only test the airbus, but i tested RealityXP's GTN750 which also operates normally, the Boeing 787 from QualityWings and TFDI's own 717. All of that in just 24 hours. Incredible eh? Now take it easy and don't jump to conclusions before analyzing.
  10. It works with HF2, it's something else.
  11. The big square model is still there, and this is what was suggested by a few users to be removed. Nevermind, i'll just cope with it.
  12. Super, thanks for the tip Bob.
  13. That's not the point and i understand that more and more airlines use EFBs, the point is i have better tools and the one in the Airbus is a distraction that i could get rid of if possible (simple ON/OFF trigger in the options MCDU as can be seen in other models). I understand if it is out of scope for your product. I find it much easier to look at charts on my secondary PC than to look at a smaller 3D image that eats up resources without me really needing it. So, take this as a suggestion (as it was meant to) and not as like we're demanding it should not be there or something similar.
  14. This doesn't really change anything, the EFB will still be there, the idea is to optionally remove it from the model.
  15. Highly appreciated and thankful that you're even considering it. Thanks!
  16. Yeah i figured. It's a "wish list" anyway, not even a request because i know it's not something you can do in 4-5 hours.
  17. I recently got the A330 after the release for v5 and i have zero issues. Very well done aircraft, generally respects all input, it has a few quirks here and there but nothing out of the ordinary. Performance is superb with my hardware and i have no P3D wind/temperature issues to report at all (obviously unrelated to the aircraft). I am an ActiveSky beta tester, i use it in all my flights and the only thing that happens is that the weather DEPICTION is not accurate yet, probably because TrueSky is still a beta implementation. Regarding the Airbus: - I wish the EGPWS sounds were of higher quality as they seem to have suffered quite a lot since the A320 family was released. They sound distorted and not all have the same volume level. The A320 family has quite a lot better EGPWS sound quality as i said, so i am using those instead. - I wish the EFB could be hidden. Perhaps an MCDU option? - I wish there was a way to stop the table animation when reaching TOD. Perhaps an MCDU option? All in all a great product, so, congratulations.
  18. This is just a guess, i don't own Lukla so i cannot test it myself.
  19. That means your video card is streaming data from regular RAM and that process is very very slow. You still need to bring settings down some more most surely.
  20. Incredible detail. I had to wait until P3Dv4 came out until i managed to get such detail. Never managed this in FSX, simply superb.
  21. As can be seen here: https://prepar3d.com/news/announcements/2020/04/116506/
  22. You wait, it's all this conversation is about. Just read what's immediately above your question.
  23. We can only thank you for this. A sim is only as good as the addons it can run
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