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  1. Hi where did you install the Aerosoft package? "Access violation" might be related to access constrains. But I'm not expert at all on this field! Did you try to run FSX with administrative rights?
  2. Hi I'm a bit confused by your two posts I would like ask you if you have already read the Step by Step guide in documents folder and the tutorial flight made?
  3. Did you complete all the previous checklist tasks? Is there a "skip item" to be clicked by Mcdu left button in the checklist page?
  4. 10-15 degrees seem high to me for flaring. You shouldn't go higher than 5-7.5
  5. I have also thought about. It's my actual dream, but I'm afraidis not possible to now. But is there a possibility to add extra xml codes to have this? I.e. in ATC comm page. Just a my question to a Developer.
  6. Mopperle sayd No, this is not correct. it loads a predefined state overwriting all other values. If you want to run an aircraft from Cold&dark you choose the Cold&Dark state. In real life as a pilot you rarely found an aircraft in Cold&Dark state. The usual state is the Turnaround state. Really? I was thinking every pilot turn off everything after leaving the aircraft even in case of a subsequent pilot turnation. I'm sorry for this short OT!
  7. Hi, During my short flights (i.e. LIMC-LIRF) the Perf MCDU page often calculates a cruise of FL370. But at that altitude I get only a short cruise (the descent CL triggers very soon). Thus often I decide to fly at FL300 or so. Why MCDU calculates so high FL? Does it consider only the airctaft weight?
  8. Hi, if you use LOC button, you need to set yourself the glide angle as LOC has only the lateral guidance. To have both lateral and vertical path you need to push APR button. I don't know if this answer your question
  9. Hi, Did you try manually? Creating a new folder in you airplane folder and adding appropriate lanes in aircraft.cfg?
  10. Need I to leave the FD button on? In off position I don't have the birdie on PFD
  11. I insert the baro or radio value in the MCDU page, is it the right place?
  12. Thanks, ok so may I have a bug? If I don't disconnect, it doesn't itself at MDA-50ft. In my A320 v1.31
  13. Hi, thank you. Ok I need to disconnect AP manually, but in the paragraph 7.12 of the step by step guide I can read that "Failure to disconnect AP by MDA will result in automatic AP disconnection at MDA-50 ft". So I am confused about
  14. Hi, I'm studying NPA on A320 v1.31 (FsxSp2) following the step by step guide. It's stated that A/P should disconnect at MAP altitude, and also it should disconnect at 50 ft below that if not before. But this doesn't happen. I tried with the three NPA modes (man/man, man/sel, sel/sel) and with copilot on and off.. without success.
  15. Hi, In FMGS text file, I still have MCDUFPLData writing data permission denied lanes. However, in the true, that file appears to be written as it has date and time updated to the last airbus playing. And there is also stuff inside. So may I worry about or is normal? I have Win10, FSX-Sp2 run with admin, Airbus v1.31 Thanks
  16. Hi, is it normal this lane spacing in Climb perf. page? As shown in the pic below. I would expect to be all at same level.
  17. Look at the last chapters in the Step by Step guide in your documentation folder.
  18. FBW must be on all time, even with A/P off and manual fliyng. That option in MCDU right is only to improve a video recording (if I recall correctly.. but is written in the step by step guide)
  19. Hi, I'll try. 1. If I understood your question, press "Data" button on MCDU and you will see items to click in and watch your position 2. What I would do is go in selected mode and put my speed in FMC. Or change Cost Index value in "Perf" page 3. You may try to create a flight plan putting the same departing and arrival airport. Load it in MCDU and then indicate SID/transition/STAR. I don't know if could work! But i think so. Or you can load a secondary flight plan with the arrival airport the same of your departing. And then enable it when airborne, choose
  20. Hi, I might be wrong, but when I load the loadsheet into the MCDU right and I click on "load instant", I can see the actual CG (i.e. 27) taken from Fuel Planner. But the INIT2 page shows me still the value of 25 meanwhile the ZFW value is updated. So do I need to enter 27? Or something is wrong? I have A320/1 v1.31, FSXsp2 (run with admin rights) Thanks
  21. The issue is in 3D Mcdu Keys. I'm sorry, I used the term "press".. I meant "click"
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