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  1. Where should the LEMD Mesh go in the scenery order? When I enable it, I can't see my orthoscenery around the airport.
  2. These are the same settings I've used, but I always get the step in terrain. Just to clarify: I'm copying the "+40-010" folder from "AS_AIRPORT-MADRID_XPLANE_OTHO4XP-PATCH" into the Ortho4XP "Patches" folder before generating the tile. Then I'm placing the LEMD Airport scenery above all other scenery in my "scenery_packs" config file, and disabling the LEMD Mesh scenery. Is this the correct procedure?
  3. Many thanks - I'll give this a try.
  4. Yes, I have. Would you mind sharing your orth4xp settings file for this tile, please?
  5. Hi, please could you let me know if there's anything I can do to avoid the step effect just outside the airport (to the west of Terminal 1 - see photo above) when using Ortho4XP?
  6. I think I've applied the Ortho4XP patch correctly. But does anyone know what I need to do in the Ortho4XP settings to avoid this step effect, please?
  7. Hi, they've emailed me since my last post, but thanks a lot anyway.
  8. I bought the yoke about 7 months ago from Aerosoft, and it's been working perfectly until recently. If I haven't used the buttons on the yoke itself for a while, they become unresponsive. If I unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back in again, the problem is resolved. It doesn't appear to be a problem with the cable or the sockets, as there is absolutely no issue once I plug it back in again - even if I wiggle it around and turn the yoke while pressing buttons. It only occurs when I haven't used those buttons for a while. It also seems to happen when I have lots of other USB devices connected. The light switches etc on the body of the yoke work fine at all times. I had no problem until I switched from an Intel CPU to an AMD CPU (8700k to 5900x). I read that some people have had problems with PCIE gen 4 graphics cards interfering with USB connections, so I switched over to PCIE gen 3 in the BIOS. No joy. I also read that disabling global C-state control might resolve USB problems, but that didn't help either. I tried switching to different USB sockets, and disabling "USB selective suspend" in the Windows power settings, but it made no difference. It seems to be some kind of Ryzen 5000 series power management issue, but I don't know what else to try. I've sent a number of messages to Honeycomb via a support ticket, and I've sent them an email, but I haven't heard anything in 2 weeks - not even a confirmation of receipt. Has anyone else had a similar problem with this yoke and a Ryzen 5000 system? Unfortunately, I can't go back to the Intel system I had before to double check that it's still working fine on that platform. But I strongly suspect it's connected to the Ryzen setup. There are still lots of teething problems with x570 bioses and Ryzen 5000, and it really doesn't look like a hardware problem.
  9. Hi Mathijs I’ve just received an email from them, which I’ve forwarded to you
  10. Thanks, I’ve ordered from a third party. I wish I’d stuck with my Aerosoft order. Amazon have cost me £40.
  11. How much is the upgrade? I’m considering buying the Premium Deluxe from a 3rd party
  12. If I buy a physical copy of the standard version, will I be able to upgrade to the premium version once it’s installed? My internet speed is only 6mbps, so a full download is out of the question, unfortunately.
  13. I can’t, I’m afraid - it was in a chat with a customer service representative on the amazon phone app, and it’s not there anymore. They said that it was in stock when I ordered it, but it’s not in stock anymore, and they’re in discussions with their supplier about when they will get it back in stock. I asked for confirmation that they had sent copies out to other customers, and they said they had. I ordered it weeks ago, but Amazon uk had it up for sale up until yesterday - they even had a “1 copy left” notification up yesterday afternoon. Now it’s only available through 3rd parties, who have inflated the price. It’s a disgrace.
  14. Amazon have just told me that they took more preorders than copies they received. That means they can’t fulfil my order and they can’t tell me when they will be able to - I presume this is because Aerosoft itself is out of stock. I had a preorder directly with Aerosoft, which I cancelled because I wanted to pay in pounds sterling instead of euros. Gutted. Amazon have messed this up terribly.
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