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  1. No idea what you mean by the cockpit light thing but. The taxi lights are correct, they really don’t illuminate in front of the aircraft. Think of them as more like runway turnoff lights. Yes it is annoying. When I taxi the real plane at night I normally have the taxi lights and the nose landing light on so I can see the ground in front of me. Next, SPD mode is a vertical mode. It is IMPOSSIBLE to have both SPD and V/S enabled at the same time. SPD mode = IAS mode in other aircraft. There is not an auto throttle in this aircraft. SPD mode will not ever control the aircrafts thrust
  2. Here you go. Second post is a video and FAQ explaining some common questions of me flying an RNAV approach in the CRJ using our actual real world procedures.
  3. Thank god I've never had to actually fly a 200. Only once a year in the sims.
  4. Yeah, no one cares here. Even searched our manual and not a single word about it.
  5. The 200 is nose down due to the lack of slats, the 700/900 come in with a very slight pitch up. There are several different ways people land it, the only time you need a real pronounced flare in the real jet is when people pull power at 50ft. I pull power at 15-20 feet in the 700 and 10-15 feet in the 900. With that I have almost no flare at all (talking half a degree to a degree from where the approach deck angle was). The ground effect really catches the jet quite nicely.
  6. We leave it in. Or at least >80% of us do. It’s just easier if it’s left in. Then again we aren’t actually on ground power alone all that much. For the next 5 months from the first power up at 4 or 5 in the morning until the last shutdown between 10pm-midnight either the APU or the engine/engines are on to control the cabin temperature.
  7. You are climbing far, far, too slow. Rule of thumb, when you transition from IAS to Mach you NEVER want to be slower then .74. You are currently in the region of reverse command and at altitude this aircraft WILL NOT accelerate in level flight.
  8. Nope that’s how it works. The way the logic works for the electric system is that it will seek power from a source in this order. Onside generator, inside (apu), offside generator, outside (external power). You can just remember it with this. Onside inside offside outside. As a result as soon as the apu gen is available with the engines off it will always try to automatically switch to it and stay on it after a flight until shutting down the apu. Now sometimes the ground power will fail as soon as it’s needed. To help prevent a total loss of power I normally turn the APU gen off to make sure t
  9. Hi, actual CRJ pilot here. I fly approaches in the 900 at 80.5% N2 initially, not uncommon for it to be slightly higher then that in the summer (I don’t know why I use N2 for approach I just do). The 700 was normally slightly less then that ending up around 79.5% N2. From my flights flying the Aerosoft version of the 700 it is extremely close to that number.
  10. Yeah, it is wrong. It should essentially work exactly the same as the Glide slope indication does. But to the most restrictive fix on the arrival, not necessarily the next one. It’s kind of hard to explain exactly what it does, but essentially the advisory VNAV will draw out angles based off of whatever angle is put into the VNAV page 3.0 3.5 etc. and it looks at which of those lines is the most restrictive aka. Requires you to be the lowest and that’s what it shows you. Often it will not be giving you guidance to the next fix but rather a more restrictive one further down the line. Also shoul
  11. What panel are you asking about lighting up exactly? If it is the MCP (the autopilot control panel) that you are talking about there is no flood light for that. only the integral lights (INTEG). There is also no flood light for the overhead panel.
  12. The light really is that dim. That dome light is really more of a cockpit door/jumpseat light. It does almost nothing for lighting up the rest of the flightdeck.
  13. It shuts the alert up. On the ground it plays a nice long noise. In the States there is also some other uses for it that those on the line would know about when parked at the gate.
  14. Yes it does climb better then the real 700 does. In my experience our 900’s climb a lot better then our 700’s do. Honestly it’s taken me close to half an hour to get into the upper 30’s on the 700 before. So yes it is a little to powerful if you ask me. But it’s not a major concern right now in my eyes but rather something to be improved on down the road.
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