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  1. avdden

    T.O.D. 2

    I noticed such a feature that if there is another point of the route (a turning point) between the moment of the appearance of the line with the countdown to TOD and the point TOD, then when this point is passed, the countdown stops, freezes.
  2. Check whether you have specified the departure and arrival procedures in full and whether there are any discontinuity in the flight plan on the LEGS page. Periodically, I have a slightly different problem. The distance and time to TOD appear on the screen, but do not change as you approach TOD. This is why this happens even if you do not have discontinuity in the active plan and in the SEC FPLN. My actions are as follows: 1) I am fully preparing the FMC for flight. I make sure that there are no discontinuity and the departure and arrival procedures are selected. 2) SEC FPLN indicate the departure rynway and the same landing runway, in case of failure immediately after takeoff. 3) After takeoff, I perform COPY ACTIVE and change the SEC FPLN in case another alternate airfield is used. 4) I specified the landing procedures at the alternate airfield and make sure that there are no discontinuity in the SEC FPLN, but I do not activate it. 5) Following the main plan and flying up to TOD. About a few miles before TOD, the time and distance to TOD appear on the screen, but then neither the time nor the distance change! What is the problem and what am I doing wrong I don't understand yet.
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