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  1. I don't know where we go from here. Users complain about poor performance, but Hans can't duplicate the issues on his system. In addition to that, it appears all development is now focused on the MSFS version. If nothing can be done to improve the performance, then I may as well uninstall this because I can't fly it as is.
  2. To put the issue another way, the CRJ was far better performance wise than my FSL Airbus in P3D4.5. In V5, the CRJ now lags way behind FSL. Something is chewing up frames in a major way.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies. I had a new Prepar3d.cfg generate a couple days ago, and Hans post fixed it quick.
  4. I suddenly have this same problem. Everything was fine a couple days ago, but this morning revealed this issue. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
  5. Thanks for looking into this. Hoping there's a simple way to resolve the problem.
  6. I'm unable to read the top several lines of weather data as you can see in my screen shot. I have my monitor at 1920x1200. Do you have any advice, please?
  7. I'm enjoying the CRJ Pro a lot, and glad to hear you're looking to develop it further. I have several cabin wing views created in EZdok, and they all have exterior engine sounds. Any possibility that some cabin sounds could be made for views such as this?
  8. Try reducing the avionics sound setting under options in the EFB. Default is 100%, and it drowns out the switch sounds you're not hearing.
  9. No, I'm speaking of when leveling off at cruise altitude. I just discovered the solution though. The default setting for "avionics" is 100%, which drowned out the wind sound that I was accustomed to. So my mistake for not figuring that out earlier. You can close this thread, sorry for the bother.
  10. Hans, respectfully, here's when I brought it to your attention before.
  11. The wind sound in the previous version was excellent, in how it would gradually get louder with increased airspeed. Unfortunately, the Pro version eliminates that altogether. It sounds the same at 300 kts as 180 kts which kills all sense of immersion. Swapping out the new sound folder with the older one didn't help me. Please, is there a way for me to get the old wind sound back in the Pro version?
  12. This also existed in the previous version, and I was really hoping this would have been caught in beta. The FMS doesn't show a discontinuity, but the navigation display does.
  13. Thank you for the replies. I am using PTA with Matt Davies shader dated July 2019. The alternative texture set Hans mentioned does help quite a bit, but it still feels like I'm wearing sunglasses. I have HDR off because it caused too many shimmering objects at some third party airports.
  14. I have selected untinted windows in the Options tab, and also have all the interior lights on. My cockpit is still so dark compared to my other payware airplanes. Is there something here I'm overlooking?
  15. I appreciate your sound file, it is better than my edit; however, there's still a noticeable break in the sound where it loops. This is a file that will be very difficult to make perfect.
  16. The file ASC_GenRunLoop is the offending sound file with the tick. I've been unable to do a satisfactory edit on it, maybe someone else has had better luck. I did post a modified file that adjusts the wind volume as you increase airspeed. It works fine with the default VC cooling fans, but it may be too strong if you use the alternates. Curt
  17. I just double checked it in the sim. I was right before, when you go into pause mode, the MCDU looks exactly like your screenshot above. Just unpause the sim to get the MCDU active. Curt
  18. I may be off track here, but I think this can happen simply by hitting the pause hotkey (letter P). With this addon, sometimes you can't tell you've paused the sim because the sound files are still heard. Hitting the P key will return the MCDU to it's live state. There have been several times I thought the Airbus X had locked up on me, when actually my use of other addons were placing the plane into pause mode; but again, I didn't know it because I still heard the air cooling fans. Curt
  19. I'm another user with the same problem. When I click off the APU generator, the battery voltage increases, the exact opposite of what should happen. If I leave the generator on, the battery will decrease until it's exhausted.
  20. From the first paragraph of the Owner's Manual: "This Airbus had a long and complex history and to be honest everybody in the project is happy we reached the end. Doing a complex modern airliner is not easy-- we underestimated that for sure! But it was great fun and a learning experience like nothing else". With all due respect to Aerosoft, and I do like them a lot, isn't this statement telling us why they did just a basic version? I don't think they desired to tackle a complete airliner project, because it's not their specialty. They probably didn't think they would make a profit on it if they invested numerous more hours on development. I think they're uncertain if a complete Airbus can occur...and don't want to have wasted many hours for nothing. That quote above caught my eye immediately, and I think many overlooked it. If you were to ask anyone with Aerosoft if they are capable of doing a complete Airbus with all MCDU features, customized FDE, etc...I think the answer would be 'maybe'. There would be no shame in that either, because no one else has developed an Airbus sim that appeals to hardcore simmers...the closest one is Wilco. Curt
  21. I'm no expert on this, but wouldn't deleting the entry in the aircraft.cfg be sufficient? I don't think the hassle of deleting the fsx.cfg would be necessary, but perhaps I'm wrong. Unless you're saying the installer requires an entry in the "trusted software" field. If that's the case, I would probably do a line edit only. I'm curious as to how wide a problem this is?
  22. Great to hear, thanks for your strong customer support. Curt
  23. You're so right, Michael, thank you. I did an uninstall on the first bus, forgot to run the EZCA config utility when I installed v1.11. I feel like such a dope!
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