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  1. Hans, I don't recall the exact bearing/distance I used during that flight, so I just loaded up the same flight plan and created a custom waypoint from "Quote". My scratchpad entry was Quote270/10 and it created a custom waypoint as shown. The MCDU doesn't show a discontinuity, but it exists on the ND. I've attached a picture of this, along with my saved pilot route that may help. By the way, there are also times when I want to create a custom waypoint from a VOR, but in doing so I get a "Not Found" in yellow. The VOR is in the flight plan already, so I don't know why it doesn't recognize it for custom waypoints. KORDKPIA.flp
  2. I've been enjoying the CRJ a lot, to the point that I've ignored things that I didn't think were right but was too lazy to report. I decided to go ahead and check with you regarding custom waypoints. I'm attaching a photo that is self-explanatory. There was no discontinuity on the MCDU, and the aircraft did fly to the Macin waypoint, but as you see no white line connecting the two, and the miles are way wrong as you see. Thanks for looking into it.
  3. I updated to the and just slewed up for a quick approach. See the attached image, and you'll see the localizer and the glideslope have been captured, but the ALTS and GS still show armed. I didn't use the MCDU for this, just dropped in the ILS frequency.
  4. According to the updater I have installed. Yesterday's flight was going perfectly with a descent altitude set of 5,000. I decided to level off early at 5,500 by pushing the ALT button, and the GS captured just fine at that higher altitude. As in other flights before, the ALTS and GS indicators remained white even though I was descending just fine through the final to landing. I know that if I had leveled off at the 5,000 altitude set initially, that the GS would have gone green at capture. I hope my explanation makes sense, and I'm a bit surprised others haven't mentioned this before.
  5. I still have this issue as reported before. Has this been looked at, please?
  6. I'm using the most current version on P3D 4.3. I'm not having any problems with GS capturing, that's going very well. I have noticed, however, that if I set an altitude to descend to and level off early (by selecting the ALT), that the ALTS annunciation remains armed when it should clear. If I then capture the GS at this stage, the ALTS and GS both remain armed in white even though I'm descending properly. I checked the manual on this, and it confirms the ALTS armed mode should have cleared.
  7. Thought I would update my initial post. I'm running P3d ver 4.3 with the latest CRJ including updates, and the ILS landings are now SUPERB! They are very reliable and the GS captures just as it should. My only issue now is the pressurization problem, but I know it will be fixed soon. Good going, Hans!
  8. That's good, thank you. I'm reading a lot of good reports on sp1, so I'm anxious to try it next week.
  9. Glad the client update was sufficient for you, as I hope it will be for me. One side question...should previously saved flights work with the SP1? I'm thinking probably not and will need to delete those.
  10. I'm away from my sim computer for another week, so I won't be able to try the sp1 for awhile. I am concerned that client only upgrades are now frowned upon here, as that has worked great with all my other addon planes, utilities, etc... I have too many add-ons including scenery where a complete P3D reinstall is out of the question, and I won't do that even if I have to say goodbye to the CRJ.
  11. I've been attempting to practice ILS landings by launching the CRJ, entering an ILS frequency in Nav 1, setting course, setting Nav source to LOC1, and then using altitude hold and approach settings on the autopilot. The plane captures the localizer every time, but the glideslope rarely captures, and when it does the GS annunciator stays white and does not change to green status. I also have flaps set and gears down, speed around 190. Am I missing something, or is this needing another bug fix?
  12. Nevermind. I read in the general forum it is not working. Hope it will one day.
  13. I turned on the Nav and Marker buttons along with the speaker button on the audio panel, but didn't receive an audio signal to confirm my frequency. Is this functional? If so, any idea where I went wrong? Thanks in advance.
  14. I'd like to report the same as MiHei, where ILS 26 at KPHX has numerous problems with the CRJ (works fine with my other addon planes). The CRJ does work fine on runways 25L and 25R, but for 26 everything goes awry.
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