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  1. My loose idea ive had for some time is that developers should look to design a whole flight expirience. What i mean is, take a real life aviation situation and design both the scenery and the aircraft to compliment it. Aerosoft is well placed to do this as you design both scenery and aircraft. Some examples, A fokker 50 to go with Iceland X A dash 8-100 and some Norway scenery like Iceland X (Wiedero) Saab 340 and Scotland (Loganair) (There is some good scottish island scenery avaliable). A BN2 Islander (oops someone did one ) and German airfields/Helgoland (I think Aeroso
  2. Hi all, I still cannot get any joy with the autothrust. FLX settings are allways 10% lower than what they should be and i never get much more than 87%N1 in CLB mode. I have my CH throttles set up in FSX controls, with them calibrated without a reverse zone in FSUIPC4. As the manual describes. I have also noted the orange target mark on the N1 gauges are going to different settings on the left and right engines, when they should be the same. I think the problem appears to be that the autothrust logic is not able to over rule the actual position of the hardware i.e my CH throttle
  3. Performed another takeoff, this time using full TOGA, engines only achieved 72% as apposed to the commanded 104%, this was also without the weather programme ASE, just to see it it was that that was interfering. Airbus X is confined to the "pending" addon bin for now, very sad. Regards Stuart
  4. Hello folks My auto thrust is not working atall, During takeoff the engines will never reach the TOGA or FLEX thrust dictated to them i managed only about 85% during a FLX takeoff when i should have had 98%. when in the air the engines will also not reach the CLB thrust they are commanded to. As i write this im trying to climb to FL230, the FMA is in SPEED (green) CLB (green) ALT(blue) NAV(Green). The ECAM upper shows CLB (96.2%) but the engines are steady at 77%. Throttles are both in the climb detente A/THR on the glareshield is selected (green light on). Regards Stuart
  5. Yes my throttles were cycled to idle, its the ususal FS problem during start up, but i thought most developers had got around this not seen it happen in a while. Its definitely over 100% as the needle goes amber. Regards Stuart
  6. Hi all, When the engines start, they start way to fast and do a rapid acceleration to 100% N1. Stuart
  7. Hi Mathijs I think were going a little to deep here, all i hope for the Aerosoft Airbus is some good solid numbers to fly with. I hate addons that leave you out in the cold in terms of Vspeeds and trim settings. It kinda ruins the whole thing. A lot of addons give a rudimentary CofG or just the required trim setting for takeoff. Either or both will do. Perhaps TOPCAT will do a performance file for the aerosoft bus, and all this will be taken care of! Stuart
  8. Hi Mathijs Looks great, can wait for the Bus!! Could Takeoff Weight Center of gravity value and the resulting stabiliser trim value be added to this takeoff sheet? This is something developers often leave out, its kinda important! Often end up rolling down the runway and at Vr you pull the stick back and either nothing happens or you go like a space rocket! Would be nice to have the correct values for a smooth departure. Regards Stuart
  9. I think Adras field will add to the role playing element for me, it has no preconceptions of a real airport, it can be how i want it to be. We need German Airfields part 11 to give us some local airfield to fly to and from Adras. Stu
  10. Hi Mathijs The take off trim setting is not automatic, you need to manually set the stab trim, the figure in the real world is a function on the center of gravity, and usually presented to the crew on the load sheet. I hope some simple method of correctly setting the trim for takeoff will be provided for different C of G positions. This could be done via a load manager for example. Its very frustrating when purchasing a new addon, lite or not to find you have to guess important pre flight data. Stu
  11. Mathjis Thank you for that reply, just what i wanted to hear, i like to sound of smooth flight from takeoff to landing! Will pre flight preparations be simple too? Will all the required V1/Vr/V2 speeds be provided and will it be simple to calculate Stabiliser trim settings for the take off weight? This is something that is often overlooked by developers, C of G and all that. Quite important, difference of speeding down the runway and needing pull right back on the stick to get her in the air, or, it turns into a space rocket because there's too much trim! Stu
  12. Looks really good! Will the functionality in terms of the autopilot/FMGS be comparable to wilco/feelthere's Airbus? Rgds Stuart
  13. Hello Any ideas for the above problem folks? I also had another problem with ELLX today, i was approaching in very bad weather conditions. Zero visibility, there were no runway lights on! It was daytime, but should the lights not come on for poor vis? Regards Stuart.
  14. Hello all, I have recently had a problems with some addon scenery airports regarding the FSX ATC approaches. Luxembourg is one such addon that gives me the problem, i can be approaching this airport in bad weather on an fsx IFR flight plan, but the only approach i get assigned is a visual one. There is no way to select ILS approach. It is not a problem unique to the aerosoft addon, but i hope someone here has the answer Many thanks Stuart
  15. Hi folks Just got the new GA3 bundle, very good scenery! Just found that Paderborn has no radio comms tho! I flew from bremen to paderborn and paderborn/lippstadt would not appear in the nearest airport list on FSX ATC. When on the ground the ATC window says no messages to transmitt. Regards Stuart
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