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  1. Hi, i know is not an A333 but an A332, but would it be possible to have a fictitious livery similar to the Alitalia I-EJGA of the following photo? SELCAL KQFL. Thank you! A330-202 I-EJGA General Electric CF6-80E1A4 engines
  2. Yep! In any case, with a couple of months of little fixes here and there, will be a very pleasable bird to fly. Hope Aerosoft will give as the 200 series also (with the GE engines please :D)! Another beautiful, beautiful dream... the 60 version of the DC-8... It's just a dream, but.. who knows, Aerosoft?
  3. Was loading passengers with GSX, and meanwhile i started refueling with the built-in system. It never stopped: i've just made the fuel-less airplane today.
  4. I'll deal with it for the moment, maybe'll try PFPX... I'll see BUT! Guyz... I think i broke it.... Was going all ok, than at FL200 circa it started again refueling, and GWCG gone red šŸ˜•
  5. Yes I know that but, not owning PFPX, I plan my flights with SkyVector, setting precisely my route and adding also SIDs and STARs when it's able to add it (in flights from major airports they're often available), so whenever I open the FuelPlanner, after inserting departing and arrival airports, it gives me the shortest circle route obviously, but than I go to change the distance it sets to the one that SkyVectors gives to me... (for example, the LIRF-KIAD i performed was 3900nm for the Planner, but with the route I arrived to 4000nm); adding also the average wind that Active Sky gives in the
  6. I completed a Rome to Washington DC today, but again the FuelPlanner gave me too low fuel... So I calculated it myself, with an average consumption of 6 tons per hour... And arrived safely with 5 tones still on the wings... The PERF calculations doesn't work actually, it just says -0.6 everytime...
  7. I'm having some issues with the FuelPlanner also... with the 320s works great, but the first flight I made with the 330, from KMIA to LIMC, using the wind data of Active Sky once inserted the route, it gaved to me like 41 tons, but i just arrived over Nantes when the engines died... And I noticed also that the ECAM doesn't give you any warning message about running low on fuel... anybody in the same situation?
  8. Hi! I just brought and downloaded the a320/a321 professional, and installed at version I have a little issue: during a climb at a selected speed, for example 310kts, when i need to switch to the mach speed and i press the button, it select the mach speed for just a micro-second to re-switch it immediatly to knots... i just noticed that this happen during climbs and not during descents... am i doing something wrong, or it could be some kind of issue? Thank you!
  9. It's impossible to update the INS during the Atlantic Crossing, there is no VOR/DME to use, the better you can do is to update it (and keeping it updating) at the last VOR you pass nearby before starting the Atlantic Crossing, and to re-update it once again when you're arriving in the other side of the Atlantic, with the first nearest VOR. You're welcome
  10. These are the steps that i follow to update my INSs systems: 1: i Set the knob in the WAYPOINT position 2: i set the Waypoint little wheel in 1 position 3: i press simultaneously 7 and 9 keys (clicking first on 7 with right mouse button and than 9 ever with right mouse button) <-- At this point the Display shows 0es in latitude and longitude 4: i instert latitude pressing before the north (2) or south (8) buttons, according to my latitude, and insert. 5: i insert the longitude pressing before the west (4) or east (6) buttons, according to my longitude, and inse
  11. I quote Gerbilsk for the Classic Alitalia Livery also, and yes, Alitalia had also the 50 version of the DC-8; it would be great, thanks!
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