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  1. You are up against an FSX engine that was written by a member of the DirectX team, and now works for Intel developing the next gen GPUs. That's the competition, and no matter how enlightening Austin and Ben are to the community they face a pretty heavy legacy, and one that has the ability to offcially license proper road and airport data in their "autogen". If it can be made better it should, this is a game not an "app".
  2. Stop it already, most of you probably use Macs to begin with and no we aren't going to listen to anyone that shows something that would be a great effort, if it wasn't for the fact PMDG exists.
  3. Mathijs: As far as distributors, the best one I can think for you at least in Canada is to go through Amazon Fullfillment services. I think it's the best business model for you guys, a lot of the folks that could have teamed up with you guys vanished in the late 90's with the rest of the music industry.
  4. In Canada we pay a surcharge directly to Navcanada for every flight. Surely that's enough to cover public interest when the public is really the one paying for the service and not the Airlines.
  5. That's great but you do realize every game made these days requires a digital signature to run. Are you saying companies are registering outside users consoles and then sending them betas? Why would you think FSX was the exception to the internal testing requirements? Were commercial developers required to finish all the missions?
  6. Mathijs: BestBuy owns Futureshop in canada. You might want to take advantage of their growing web sales division, they carry all the hardware just not the software.
  7. Definitely agreed with the matched system. Its the exact same reason I use USB headsets. The digital integration definitely is worth more than the sum of its parts whether its digital gain on a microphone or digital filtering to make a cheap speaker sound amazing. But thats not to be confused with bundled analog systems, if it ain't digital I don't think it's possible to get the LFE channel to ever sync properly with the other speakers. You tend to have too littles subs or too much.
  8. Mathijs: like I said.. all advanced copies. And if they did actually listen to you guys , how come FSX still has the obvious issues? Or is it possible they use people who don't know the difference since that is the intended audience.
  9. Even microsoft didn't touch multithreading until SP2 and we got two new threads. Austin has 25+ going now not mention the insane levels of lighting and shadowing post processing working flawlessly with it all. Any doubt I had were quickly cleared up by the smoothness of it all.
  10. Goncola: So what if it crashed? It's using every single core what did you think would happen on DAY 1? Kind of like asking a newborn not to cry.
  11. Alain just saying your ideas are not that wild, the people you discuss them with are. I do read AVSIM I just don't participate. But I do credit you for speaking up about the topic originally, and I do remember my response was a lot of vendors would have nothing to do with.
  12. Alain: your problem isn't that no one believes you, you just seem to make your remarks in the wrong forum, one that's run to the hill with trolls. Sure you may say pipe dream things but they've always been well intentioned. I can't say the same about your biggest proponent who's claim to fame is he once beta tested FSX. The reality is he got an advanced press copy. Beta testing occurs on the Microsoft campus and there are no volunteers. Everyone is paid for beta testing that's just Microsoft's rule. How much?, minimum wage or the equivalent value towards purchases at the Microsoft Employee store where all Microsoft products are 90% off. Oh and they also feed you!
  13. Just amazing to see something run with all that lighting. Not only does it look real there's so many instances it's silly. I guess Austin really has been working on XP10, although you wouldn't know it by reading his blog.
  14. www.computerpilot.com, download the magazine find the prepar3d coupon, and start using the two channels of rendering, I haven't really tried that feature yet myself but apparently the bigger projector display systems require it already. What I have tried is the traditional way to add views and they work great, more stability overalll.
  15. Rhydian: Don't know if I agree with that. The biggest news seems to be about PMDG, doesn't matter how many aircraft Austin's include it's never going to equal one PMDG. Achieving FS2002 3PD addon levels with the Jrollon CRJ is just not that much momentum. But now that FS9 is completely out of the question for PMDG , Xplane might look appealing eventually. But in my eyes X-plane users are almost as bad as pirates, they don't buy anything either. Richy: You are right but at the end of the day that's how it was designed. A tradeoff between grass and low resolution orthonormal photo. I prefer the grass in all honesty compared to say a brown dirt color. But if you can imagine a modern suburb you have the tarmac, the sidewalk and every other square inch is covered by grass by law. In Canada the average house is 33% brick and 66% aluminum siding. If you want to get fancy you got 100% brick. Obviously the entire world is not going to be covered with that formula and as pointed out several times it can be customized just like landclasses in FS.
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