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  1. I think it´s better to make a scenery of south Sweden, that include Copenhagen as city, and Kastrup+Malmö Airport (Sturup).
  2. But, hows Prepar3D running compare to FSX today? More FPS? Less stutters?
  3. Does this not depend on the value your want to use?
  4. Good day. I have tried to tweak my FSX for best performence and look, and I got a problem with the textures when im flying (Look at the picture below) I have tried lod_radius, but with no effect. So guys, anyone that know how I can improve the loading distance?
  5. How did it work my friend?
  6. Its a time now since we heard something new about this! I know that no one is care about what I want in this sim (if they now will make it), but, I will say it anyway. I want the sim to be more opensource, with SDK that is included so everyone can make aircrafts, scenery etc. And one important thing is that it will support Linux, cuz very many fs people is using Linux, and there comes a problem if you want to play FS (I know WineHQ exist, but it isnt such good).
  7. Thank you mate for your fast reply!
  8. Sorry if I bump this dead thread, but that fuel calculator someone did say, where can I found it? And some off topic, but does someone where I can get a plan of a RJ100 or BAe146 cockpit for free? Cheers
  9. I would have a good lightsystem that works. There you have taxilights etc. Not like in FSX on default aircraft there you just can have landinglights on, and that to much
  10. Fsx missing 3D lights.. But it exist a addon that make the light to 3D. Seems more relistic
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