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  1. Hey guys, Since the new Update I have a problem with loading the aircaft into the sim. But it is only with the A319 with IAE engines. Can anyone tell me how to fix that ? Kind regards Luca
  2. Thanks a lot guys. Looking forward for the next hotfix.
  3. But is it only for me like this ? Where is the GPU file located, maybe I can change it myself
  4. Great thanks. Pls send me a message when you have any information regarding my problem.
  5. Hey guys, I don't know if this is normal or just a bug for me. My A319s have different GPUs. The one for the IAE engines is smaller than the one for the CFM engines. I really think that this looks weird but don't know if I can change it. Can you guys help me ? Regards Luca
  6. Is there an approximate time we can expect the busses for V5 ?
  7. Hey, Sorry that I didn't got back to you but I was really ill. 1. It happens at every gate 2. I always use GSX and now it becomes interesting. Until the I was able to use GSX without checking the GSX Services in the MCDU3. Then I updated my Version and that wasn't possible (that was when I opened this Topic) then I updatet do the experimental and it worked with the GSX Services activated. Yesterday I dowloaded the new A330 Version from the shop and now it is not working again. 3. yes I use infobar and it was available 4. I always use the Copilot But since the new update i have a new Problem. I put my plane into the "Turn around state" and the Copilot starts the checklist but after he checked the windshear he did't move on and on the Right side of my Aircraft state those def signs are on. I'm really thankfull for your help. Is it possible to contact you "private" ? Kind regards Luca
  8. I recently found out that I'm able to Taxi when I start directly with the taxi state, but when I start with the Turn Around state I'm not able to use the taxiing checklist
  9. No, even the TAXI State is not working. But it just doesn't work in Düsseldorf, I don't get whats wrong.
  10. I Need to correct it. I think it that the Problem is my justsim EDDL V2 scenery because I tried to fly from FLYTAMPA Montreal and it works fine.
  11. Hey guys, Scince yesterday evening my A330 does not start the taxiing checklist. I did everything as nomal, I started with the Turn around checklist and followed everything until the start checklist. When it now came to the taxiing checklist is started taxiing but Nothing happend, I tried it even faster then just 10 knots. When I tried to start the checklist manually via the MCDU the green Taxiing logo dissapears. I tried to reinstall my product, but it did not work and also the experimental update didn't work. Can anyone help me ? Kind regards Luca
  12. Hey guys, everytime I fly with the Busse(it doesn't matter if A320, A321 or A330) GSX loads the containers of my groundhandling and not the Airline livery. I tried to fix it by changing the ICAO codes from DLH as example th LH,but it doesn't helped. Maybe you guys can help me Kind regards Luca
  13. Shaders or stuff like that arenˋt the Problem. I change the planen from CFMSHRKEW to CFMSHRK and changed all textures in the folder and now it works fine.
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