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  1. This pic illustrates a whole branch of software projects folks don't often consider: planning, designing, authoring, production and proofing of all the documentation, tutorials, help and media.
  2. Installer (Windows 10) didn't work with X-PLANE path captured initially Run Setup, Finds X-Plane default folder Completes instantly But nothing was added to "/Custom Scenery" folder! Got it to work by re-selecting manually the X-Plane Folder
  3. >>Mostly it's very hard to find the version information for X-Plane scenery. I've pointed this out in the past and I do it again, would really be very helpful if you could include a clear version number somewhere in your scenery. So easy for you to add and would save lots of time for us users/customers not having to spend time only to figure out what version we're on.<< A great idea; I already have the excellent utility for the Aerosoft Airbus, which compares my installed version with the latest available; and think how it would be awesome if this could also work f
  4. Great news, SAM Jetways at Aerosoft Ibiza okay today.
  5. Hi there, Bizarrely seem to have encountered a similar issue at the newly released Aerosoft Ibiza XP. I say 'bizarre' just because I was able to connect normally when arriving at the airport yesterday, but spawning at ramp starts at the airport this morning, the Jetways weren't active from ramp start locations. I tried the Zibo Mod, the B737-700U and the default 737 (as shown below), at gates 25, 27 and 29 but was getting the grey 'A' in all instances today when starting a flight at Aerosoft Ibiza XP. P.S. Not using the XP11.50 Beta, still using
  6. Hi Heinz, Thankyou for the feedback, I'll bear that in mind - the current special offer is tempting. Best Rgds, Chris.
  7. And the Fuel truck won't leave. Seems to me to be integration issues between the Aerosoft Airbus Ground Services features and GSX Oh well.
  8. Hi there - I'm using the default unedited Zurich Afcad If it was Xplane, the scenery designer would ensure suitable Dynamic Vehicle parking locations were included (in their World Editor tool) I guess it's the same in P3D because I presumably GSX doesn't specify where the ground vehicles come from for every airport in the sim).
  9. PMSL - Managed to get bags from waaaaay over on the opposite side of the airfield (crossing an active runway!), but only by resettimg GSX Yet the plane seems convinced the hold doors MUST be closed when loading bags and keep closing them whenever I try to open them - immersion 0%. Who knew Yuri Geller was a baggage handler at Zurich. Oh and just about to push when a second Fuel truck arrives to load zero fuel. LOL
  10. Another issue at Aerosoft LSZH. In the Aerosoft A319IAE on Stand E20 in P3Dv4.5. Set 106 pax and 0.5tonnes of cargo... no cargo trucks. Could the culprit be: 1. Aerosoft LSZH 2. Aerosoft A319 Professional, or (heaven help us) 3 GSX v2 [skipper has decided to wait another 15 mins and if no bags by then will have to transfer pax to the XP11/Zibo Mod service to STN]
  11. Hi there, does anyone know what type of jetways the Nantes and Montpelier Airport sceneries have? And if they are moveable with Stairport WorldJetways? https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/xplane-11/sceneries/2360/lfrs-nantes-atlantique-xp https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/xplane-11/sceneries/2470/lfmt-montpellier-mediterranee-xp?number=AS14461 Hugely grateful for some product information, prior to purchase. Best Rgds, Chris.
  12. Many Thanks Marten and flyAGI, that explains why some of the jetways - I think it was at the 'new' terminal (e.g. E44 IIRC) worked OK when I rolled well beyond the 'stop' marker, but not when I re-started and respawned at the E44 ramp start. You're right, jetways at the 'old' terminal seemed to be OK when I re-started and spawned over there later. Yeah I appreciate, these being custom jetways things are more complex. Many Thanks Guys, Chris. P.S. For XP default sceneries, basically if I land somewhere and I notice the Jetways have 'geometry' issues I d/
  13. Hi there, at Aerosoft Zurich the Ramp starts are incorrectly placed to work with SAM World Jetways. Not a big job at all to fix. Just needs someone there to go in and tweak the Jetway object positions/angles in WED to be in range of the provided ramp start locations. Thanks, Chris.
  14. Where EXACTLY on the internet is Stairport Sceneries support for this product? I and some other users have raised multiple issues with this product (on their ThresholdX forum, which they were active on on 2019; but for several weeks now Stairport have gone silent. Looks very much like SAM and WorldsJetways is abandonware right now. I'll probably be requesting a refund because as a commercial product it'simply not robust enough to command a price (Jetways never move at the arrival airport, despite no errors in log file, doesn't do what the manual states, aut
  15. I have it working at Gateway default sceneries but at Aerosoft sceneries like EDDF I had issues until I installed the latest version (1.21), so you may want to check which airport(s) & version you have installed Best Regds, Chris.
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