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  1. Thank you so much for letting me know & saving me from days of chasing down blind alleys. I tried one more time, blitzing everything P3D on my machine; and reinstalled the base sim and only the A320/321 Professional... To be honest I'm done with P3D for keeps. Dynamic Lighting never was implemented properly, before LM shelved it & moved on to playing with PBR in v5. Lockheed Martin corporately must have the skills to apply effective configuration management in their software, however embarrassingly lacking it is in the Prepar3D development team
  2. Hi there, I've been reinstalling my Airbus Professional Bundle (Airbus Professional Version into P3Dv4.5 (Prepar3D_v4_Professional_4.5.14.34698) recently and have noticed a very weird distortion of all the reflective surfaces. See screenshot below showing the problem of the zig-zag shadow all down the fuselage and blocky shadow, reflection around the nose. I have no reshade tools or gimmicks, HDR is off and it's the same whether dynamic lighting is on or off; and whether cast/receive for simobjects is on or off. I am out of ideas here,
  3. IMO Aerosoft have built a great reputation with Barcelona, Ibiza, Malaga and now Split for XP11. Madeira would be a very special addition to this range to take the line-up even further forward.
  4. because the product is boxed.
  5. When I go to https://support.aerosoft.com/pages/content as recommended the "Add Product" option doesn't include the "PMDG 777-200LR for P3D4" It only lists only the FSX version So I can't add the boxed version of the product I have using that. Is there a solution? (at the moment I just lists the Airbus bundle professional which I bought online) Many thanks, Chris.
  6. searching and replacing ALL references to 10 and 28 in the apt.dat with 10R and 28L respectively (except where these numbers are part of a lat or lon value obviously) seems to overcome the scenery error. Updating ...\Resources\default data\CIFP\EIDW.dat to change RW28 to RW28L and RW10 to RW10R might help, depending on your navdata configuration. As always backup any files revised BEFORE saving changes. And this file may get overriden in a future X-Plane Update so a copy of the revised version might be handy to keep stored away. In addition I've copy/pasted &
  7. Installer (Windows 10) didn't work with X-PLANE path captured initially Run Setup, Finds X-Plane default folder Completes instantly But nothing was added to "/Custom Scenery" folder! Got it to work by re-selecting manually the X-Plane Folder
  8. >>Mostly it's very hard to find the version information for X-Plane scenery. I've pointed this out in the past and I do it again, would really be very helpful if you could include a clear version number somewhere in your scenery. So easy for you to add and would save lots of time for us users/customers not having to spend time only to figure out what version we're on.<< A great idea; I already have the excellent utility for the Aerosoft Airbus, which compares my installed version with the latest available; and think how it would be awesome if this could also work f
  9. Great news, SAM Jetways at Aerosoft Ibiza okay today.
  10. Hi there, Bizarrely seem to have encountered a similar issue at the newly released Aerosoft Ibiza XP. I say 'bizarre' just because I was able to connect normally when arriving at the airport yesterday, but spawning at ramp starts at the airport this morning, the Jetways weren't active from ramp start locations. I tried the Zibo Mod, the B737-700U and the default 737 (as shown below), at gates 25, 27 and 29 but was getting the grey 'A' in all instances today when starting a flight at Aerosoft Ibiza XP. P.S. Not using the XP11.50 Beta, still using
  11. Hi Heinz, Thankyou for the feedback, I'll bear that in mind - the current special offer is tempting. Best Rgds, Chris.
  12. And the Fuel truck won't leave. Seems to me to be integration issues between the Aerosoft Airbus Ground Services features and GSX Oh well.
  13. Hi there - I'm using the default unedited Zurich Afcad If it was Xplane, the scenery designer would ensure suitable Dynamic Vehicle parking locations were included (in their World Editor tool) I guess it's the same in P3D because I presumably GSX doesn't specify where the ground vehicles come from for every airport in the sim).
  14. PMSL - Managed to get bags from waaaaay over on the opposite side of the airfield (crossing an active runway!), but only by resettimg GSX Yet the plane seems convinced the hold doors MUST be closed when loading bags and keep closing them whenever I try to open them - immersion 0%. Who knew Yuri Geller was a baggage handler at Zurich. Oh and just about to push when a second Fuel truck arrives to load zero fuel. LOL
  15. Another issue at Aerosoft LSZH. In the Aerosoft A319IAE on Stand E20 in P3Dv4.5. Set 106 pax and 0.5tonnes of cargo... no cargo trucks. Could the culprit be: 1. Aerosoft LSZH 2. Aerosoft A319 Professional, or (heaven help us) 3 GSX v2 [skipper has decided to wait another 15 mins and if no bags by then will have to transfer pax to the XP11/Zibo Mod service to STN]
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