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  1. I see which ones you mean - but really it is in Aerosofts hands they have had the information several times - From what I can see Shaun has asked them to contact support@aerosoft - which I am sure they have so if this hasn't resolved the issue by now I can see it going on. I think for me that puts the nail in the coffin- I don't really want to spend loads more time going over the same ground with them- I am not knocking Aerosoft I just don't think they had the procedures or the systems setup to deal with this type of sale- I think they should have enabled a generic house product in the shop which only the winners could access by a special key by us- always easier in hindsight. Well it has been great working with you all- I hope to see you in the skies soon Paul
  2. I think with the forum update it lost the link to e-mail me any new messages I think my previous suggestion about my role stands but I am happy to stay and become more active when needed.
  3. I think so- lots of e-mails back and forth before the summer break
  4. Just got back from my hols forgot to say I was off all a bit of a rush
  5. just picked up the reply - will do it tomorrow - half asleep already - why is there never an emote that quite fits lol cheers
  6. FYI in case we get any posts by them Shaun is now helping to resolve the charity auction and James's plot paul
  7. Thanks Just so you know James Anderson e-mailed me saying since he hasn't be billed yet could he for go the free download as payment- I have passed on his request to Mathijs
  8. I have e-mailed Andras as I normally do with their requests and logo's etc- plus explained about Mona Gregor Diester AF07 gregordeister@gmx.de No news from Mona Lenz have assigned AF26 fsfa@welge​.net fsfa@welge.net
  9. Nice ideas. While your waiting how about an Andras Field Wild Swim (swim in the lake)- high visibility swim hats required!
  10. Hi Just to keep you up to date I sent Mona Lenz the winner of the Heli plot an e-mail to ask her which one she wanted no reply yet so have e-mailed her again Chiompski
  11. I would like to welcome Mona Lenz and Gregor Deister to the airpark!
  12. Yes 2 both want different plots A bit disappointing - I thought we might get left with the Heli plots but we have lost 1 of each Update they are Mona Lenz who wanted a heli plot confirming which one she wants The other is Gregor Deister who again didn't show any preference but have suggested AF07 as he would like a bit of an apron to park a Cessna Golden Eagle (AF07 goes back further) Ole sorry I can't remember did you contact Mathijs to say about the charity payment? Either way it is OK I just wanted to know how to get the billing/payment system going - and wasn't sure if i needed to contact Mathijs or A Diaz with the winners- Thanks Just about to update the main forum
  13. Winners of plots will be announced this evening - Sorry for the delay had to get a new WiFi dongle
  14. Don't forget we have a special birthday plot sale!
  15. Nice water- use anything special?
  16. I prefer not Hopfensee because I think the ferry link is a nice idea and it will still feel part of the Andras Field center (as you still have a link with the water runways) than stuck out on a bit of a limb.
  17. Nice shots - I must do something with my boring desktop!
  18. Looking forward to that bridge being fixed! I am getting fed up of all the people parking at the back of my house to take a picture! LOL
  19. Back again- so summing up my thoughts to all your posts not sure if it makes sense I am happy to stay - I am very happy that there could be more houses and hangers It does give me a role I have always said that I don't think that there would be that many people willing to sell their plots- I think there is a strong emotional bond to your plot even though it is virtual- there are not many places in FSX that you can call home- Andras you've done too good a job! (if it doesn't translate- it is meant as a complement) I am not sure if I a saw a definitive answer but I think we should continue with the sale of 4 plots since we announced it Pity about Andras Field USA I think there would be a good market for it and make Aerosoft more well know in the US I like the idea of discounts for plot holders/ members I think this would be an added incentive (even discounts that are the same as VA's would be good)
  20. I have been able to replicate the problem my bookmark gets an error I am sure it is due to the ending "cgi-local/re/iboshop.cgi?show0" when I get rid of it I get the welcome to aerosoft page (http://www.aerosoft.de/shop-rd/start_eu.html- note change in web address) Thus it may be we might all have to change our favourites. Hope this helps
  21. As ever if more than 1 applies mini chompski will pick names out of the hat- and you can apply for more than one plot as long as you put them in order of preference- you cannot win more than one plot. Also don't forget to add if you want the hanger open and what you want on the sign. Good luck! Chompski
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