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  1. AnGel oF DeaTH

    Warning Message???

    Hi Mathijs Kok You send me message by mail You warning me " Abusive Behaviour " Given 5 points which will never expire. Users under moderation as he did not understand the difference between a game and a sim and thus called X-Plane 'crap'. What does it means? Yes i dont know what does Simulation games means because it is my first time i play Simulation games AND sorry for calling "YOUR GAME" For Crap and im new here so i told you to help me.......
  2. AnGel oF DeaTH

    X-Plane 11

    I start with empty airbase nothing around me what is this man? I purchased this game over 70€ for i thought this will be funny game-! I have Add-Ons also and it does not work with X-plane 11 that it is compatible with X-Plane 11 im NOT happy with this crap game-! Sorry for the language-!
  3. AnGel oF DeaTH

    X-Plane 11

    Hi, I have recently bought X-Plane 11.20 Beta I wonder what to do in this game? I have almost passed the flight school and try go to start a new game I click on with combat I'm flying but nothing happens What do I do? I see in the map with the key "M" enemy aircraft that I have added as AI but I do not understand what to do next? Can you guide me what to do in this game? What is the mission of this game?