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  1. Well, that’s it! It was also my problem obviously! After the update everything works fine.
  2. OMG!! I know since my first ZX Spectrum that simulators & add ons are strange things with their own laws ... and that you never stop to learn ... I just reinstalled CRJ Pro, this installer reinstalled also the updater and now everything works as before! Yes, may be stupid thing and after a many years I’m feeling like a stupid, but ... well, now my CRJ WORKS, also my updater WORKS!
  3. Thank you a lot Hans for your help! You know what? I’ll wait for a new full installer, because everything else works fine, also DA/AS CRJ, your first one, all sceneries and to reinstall 500GB of stuff, with all settings, twiks & tricks all over the last year ... 🤕🥵 will be next year for a new MSFS2020 & P3D v5.X. For now I’ll stay with this situation ...
  4. And my P3D v4.5 HF3 is installed: C:\Program files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 A question … Will you publish the final version of CRJ Pro on Aerosoft purchase files, to simply download the latest version? Installation path: ("programske datoteke" stands for "Program files")
  5. So, my life without a CRJ Prof is not a happy life! And my AS updater is not working, I think it never worked; but now I need it! Ok, let's go step by step, because I have not idea what to do! First off all, see my attached Picture and tell me please, what's going on … Thank you!
  6. I have the same problem, since a two weeks maybe, never before, but my updater never worked on P3D. But everything was fine till today … Could be possible to have the latest update published somewhere here, on the forum? My installed vers of CRJ Pro is and worked fine till now …
  7. I have the same problem! Verified files and no extra characters. Never worked this updater on my P3D, FSX without problem! But it was fine for me … till today, when for the first time I had a problem with my CRJ prof. I don't know whats happened … and now I need this updater … I can't find any solution … and I'm not a newcomer in the world of simulations …
  8. Me too, I have the same problem as seen in others topics … same issue! (By fluewa, June 9)
  9. I upgraded today to CRJ Pro and me too, I’ve noticed the same problem! I’ll try to change some settings, but overall, FPS are lower than with a first edition of CRJ. It’s a great product.
  10. Dear Captain Fred, CRJ is a fantastic aircraft to fly, but you have to drill the technique. You have to feel it, you have to hear it, you have to take all the time you need it! It is not an Airbus, it is not a Boeing, it’s a ... CRJ! Take your time. It is not so hard, just take your time ... 😉
  11. So, as I understand, I don’t need to remove the old CRJ 700/900 version? Just install the prof one?
  12. Ok guys, I'm following this topic, but I have to tell, that this add-on, on my comp and my FSX is working fine, without any minor problem! With all updates until today this software reached the top of functionality and excellency. I'm very satisfied costumer and I love this add on. In the very early beggining yes, some problems ... but now ... most of the time flying this aircraft, hours and hours of operationality, with other 250 GB of add ons, with 270+ airport intalled ... no problem!
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