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  1. A new era for FSX!!! Tired from FSX, and trying all the tewaks I have gone finding in the internet, I was resigned to fly only FSX standard airplanes in default scenerys, until a miracle occured: I decided to take another look to google, and I found some days ago the tweaks from Jesus Altuve. I was sceptic, but I thougt that months of searching deserved lose a minute to try it... and the light shined to me!!! Today, continuing searching about Jesus Altuve, I found this post, and I must give many thanks to Mathjis for the post, to Jesus Altuve for being a Genius (perhaps a God) in the FSX world, and to Flight Sim Labs for this simple and great utility (and for the ConcordeX too)... thanks to all of you, and excuse me for my poor english. Gerardius
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