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  1. Hi Tom, As promised I'll explain how I solved it, even if it was by chance. Testing with version 1.28 and 1.28.9i, I renamed the PFPX. exe file of version 1.28.9i as PFPX1. exe After trying reinstalling everything, upgrading to v1.28.9i and seeing that nothing could solve the problem, I accidentally double-clicked on the copy of 1.28.9i and things changed: First, surprisingly, he asked me again for the serial number. Once I introduced it, he warned me that he had already installed the application three times in the last 180 days (this concerns me for future installations). Once the configuration process was finished (as if it had never been installed) it worked!! But I am intrigued that if I make an exact copy of the PFPX1. exe as PFPX. exe and run the latter, the problem is still there. So, in short, if we rename the executable with any name other than PFPX, it will work. Sounds a little strange but at least I can use it again. I hope someone will explain to me why this has happened suddenly and if something needs to be done to restore normalcy, or better to leave it at that. Greetings and thanks, especially to Judith from FlightSimSoft, who has been there all the time suggesting things, and if it wasn't for her suggestions, perhaps what has ended up being a temporary solution wouldn't have happened.
  2. Of course, Tom, I ever run all my apps as administrator, thanks for the suggestion
  3. Hi Judith, Thanks for your answer. I've tryed to delete the temp folder but nothing changes. I use the 1.28.9i Hotfix. After the tryal, the folder is created again, but no file is added into it, and the splash window continue showing the "Initializing weather...". The main program's window opens, and can see the flights, but freezed. After the uninstallation and reinstallation that I made yesterday, I can see that the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86) was installed, but not the x64, despite I have Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (I installed from the full 1.28 installation program and then applied the 1.28.9i Hotfix) Waiting for a solution... Best regards,
  4. Thanks for your answer. I've tryed all what the topic says, following strictly the clear instructions, and nothing has changed except that the splash window finsih it's work after the message "Initializing interface", but the interface hangs and I can't do nothing except closing it when Windows show the message that "Professional Flight Planner X does not respond"...
  5. Hi!, When I try to open PFPX, the main screen appears, while the startup screen remains saying "Initializing weather". But when I click on the main screen I get the windows message saying that the program does not respond. I have the Windows 10 Pro 64 bits FALLS CREATORS UPDATE... before this update all worked fine. Thanks in advance for your help
  6. A new era for FSX!!! Tired from FSX, and trying all the tewaks I have gone finding in the internet, I was resigned to fly only FSX standard airplanes in default scenerys, until a miracle occured: I decided to take another look to google, and I found some days ago the tweaks from Jesus Altuve. I was sceptic, but I thougt that months of searching deserved lose a minute to try it... and the light shined to me!!! Today, continuing searching about Jesus Altuve, I found this post, and I must give many thanks to Mathjis for the post, to Jesus Altuve for being a Genius (perhaps a God) in the FSX world, and to Flight Sim Labs for this simple and great utility (and for the ConcordeX too)... thanks to all of you, and excuse me for my poor english. Gerardius
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