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  1. I don't understand the significance of the above post. What are the servers used for? C. J. Klingman Briarcliff, TX
  2. I have Ultimate Terrain USA installed with my FSX, just to give it a slightly more realistic depiction of the scenery. For instance, the little town I live in doesn't even show up on the unaltered FSX, but it shows clearly (of course, not accurately) with Ultimate Terrain. How would this affect Cumulus X!? How about the various scenery adjustments that one trades off to get an acceptable frame rate - How do these affect the thermal generation (and I suppose Sim_probe also)? Thanks for the information. Your programs change the whole nature of FSX soaring. C. J. Klingman Briarcliff, TX
  3. In the Genesis panel, the lcd variometer shows a quickly varying number whenever in sink. It doesn't seem to be related to the variometer 'expected altitude at waypoint' seen on the DG808 Soar. What does this number signify? Is the variometer modeled after a real life variometer that I could look up? Also, what does the 'Bal' writing on the variometer face mean? The knobs don't seem active so there's no McReady functions, are there? Just occured to me - is this the 'recommended speed to fly' with respect to a waypoint? Why no readout in lift if this is so? Does the number have anything to do with waypoints at all? C. J. Klingman Briarcliff, TX
  4. Please fix your Cumulus X! download capability. I've been trying to download the program for a few days; speed goes down to zero within a few minutes. Really looking forward to working with the lift distribution in FSX. C. J. Klingman Briarcliff, TX
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