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  1. The solution is so easy, and it should be staring everyone in the face. Aerosoft gives permission (Grants a shared copyright - or whatever you want to call it) to CCM mod of a specific set of .cfg file to the Twotter, and going forward, BOTH entities have copyright ownership of the resulting work product, as derived from that version. The current and future owners of the Twotter are Happy Aerosoft are happy, they still hold, copyright (ie Their copyrights remain PROTECTED) CCM is happy, he can distribute his MOD, - and any modifications to that MOD based on their joint Copyright of future derived works , that he spent time & effort creating, and I believe is more than happy for Aerosoft to use any of his MOD in future Twotters, which I believe was his original hope, when he started the Mod, and offered to work & share it with Aerosoft. EVERYONE wins, everyone “saves face”, Legal is happy, and we all move on in a Positive way …
  2. Today, I got the following email, to my Unique email address, that I ONLY use for aerosoft. NOBODY else would know or have this unique email address. While this is obviously a SPAM email, what is concerning is that the Spammer sent it to a Unique email address, that was created only for my communications with Aerosoft, which, at first sight, might suggest that my email / accountwith Aerosoft has been compromised. Anyone else getting similar emails .... ?
  3. Even without a Backseat, "sitting on the pilots lap" and being able to see how they operate the plane, and then trying to do so yourself, with the pilots watching and helping you, is a GREAT teaching tool. SHARED COCKPIT is the best new feature of FSX -- it's such a shame that so many other developers do not make the small extra effort to ensure that their aircraft is programmed correctly to support Multiplayer & Shared Cockpit. Even without a backseat, you can stand in the Cargo Area and observe, and occasionally SWAP positions with the pilot !!
  4. Update: Tuesday 21st. For the first time, last night, I had two "beta coded" Broncos, in Shared Cockpit, running in Shared Cockpit mode, and NOT flooding the server. About 95% of the cockpit was sharing correctly between the two planes. Still some work to be done, and some operations of the plane did start some flooding. However, its a very good start, and a good indication that it should not be to technically difficult to fix, and make the Bronco, both Multiplayer & Shared Cockit compatible. Geoff FS-MP.com
  5. Hi, This is Geoff, the owner of FS-MP.com Buzz313th requested I looked at this post about Packet Flooding. I believe you have tried your plane on the FS-MP server, and it has corrected reporting that the plane is flooding, and this has resulted in the plane being automatically ejected form the session. The user interface does not specifically tell the user what is flooding, but I am able to tell EXACTLY what is flooding by running a debug diagnostic, on the server, while the plane is connected to the server. If aerosoft is interested in obtaining this information, and some help (at no cost), please can someone from Aerosoft email me at at admin(at)fs-mp.com Geoff
  6. Great News -- (1) Make it RELIABLE -- crashes and "out of memory" errors are Unacceptable. (2) Make it OPEN -- Design the Shell system, and APIs ... allowing others to ADD. Future is 3rd party development. Share the development load. Key is GOOD APIs and documentation. (3) MULTIPLAYER -- The future of Gaming. Interfacing with other Humans is so much more rewarding and exciting, than responding to a pre-programmed computer. (4) SHARED cockpit for MULTIPLE players ( not just 2 as in FSX. FSX Shared Cockipt was a start) "Good documentation and Good APIs" - Don't rush it -- DO IT RIGHT [ Learn from the FSX release(s) ] Best of success... I would get my Credit card out for a decent, new, FS. Geoff
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