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  1. sf4JC tell when server will be up we must postpone meeting till that happens. The only thing that makes me worried is that nobody else seams to be interested. regards grumpy
  2. I'd like to suggest a recreation flight at sf4JC server. Purpose: 1. Testing the online play and the server 2. Checking online lags in thermalling and occurrence of collisions 3. Checking if CumulsX and sim_probe does the same thing for everybody 4. LOTS OF PHUN! Anybody that's up for this please write your preferences of location, time (please write a gmt also) and plane. If one has a custom paint be reminded that you'll be seen as cessna. It would be nice that location would look nice with fsx scenery. ############### TIME: Anytime till June 30th. Exceptions are this Friday and afternoon gmt1700 Sunday. Hours between 700-100 (gmt600-0000) Plane: Lak Genesis 2/DG 808 SOAR LOCATION: Sion, Switzerland/Aeritalia, Italy ############### Don't know about the weather. I guess that it would be best using real weather but what if the weather will be bad? And also will teamspeak be a must have?
  3. 090616 16:54:50 Connected to host: 'SOAR! - FS2004/FSX Gliders' on IP:, port: 23456 090616 19:40:47 Disconnected from host As you can see IP changed since my last entry, but there was no problem these 3h. Total success! We have even met in Peru for a hwile. So who's up for a flight? Q/A: If your model or/and paintjob is not on the other player fsxs you'll be seen as cessna (and making a sound of one). If you are using fshclient message system you will stop midair (don't know if collision with paused pilots are possible). For the time we were flying I didn't notice any laggyness in sf4JC flight.
  4. Ok just finished testing. Checking out the servers before you get up is a treat for you, isn't it? I did some soaring in Cordillera de los Andes ;p Some of my Q were answered. You can find this server by typing the hostname instead of ip. You can check if the server is running in your browser. That is my log from FsHostCLient 090616 12:43:45 FSHostClient 1.1 starting 090616 12:43:45 Connected to Flight Simulator 090616 12:43:46 Version check complete. This is the latest version. 090616 12:49:16 Added player: *Server/sf4JC5'08 (FSHost 3.2) 090616 12:49:16 Connected to host: 'SOAR! - FS2004/FSX Gliders' on IP:, port: 23456 090616 13:15:49 Removed player: *Server/sf4JC5'08 (FSHost 3.2) 090616 13:15:49 Disconnected from host[/code] There are still some questions left. 1. Since I was alone and fshclient does not show any ping rate information, I couldn't verify if gameplay will be laggy. 2. Even though I was connected as FsHClient said, I still couldn't see myself in the player list in my browser at server site. Was I really connected? That can be easly verified by playing with someone. 3. And the server stopped at 13:15:49 my local time (GMT+1) Which is 4:15 your time (GMT-8 i s'pose?) The main question is what was the reason? sf4JC you need to check if on that hour your ip changed (if you have that kind of info). By the time im posting this the server is not up. But since I was able to connect and server was up for 30minutes of my gameplay I think it is still a success. Hope to play with you guys despite the so much difference in time zones. best regards grumpy
  5. ok, I got the latest (1.1) FSHostClient. And when I'm running the game clicking addons>connect multiplayer I still can't connect can someone explain how to get it working. It says that i should get the ip not the hostname. ------------- edit well i got the best idea that if fshost servers are verified by port 80 then i should see something thru my firefox. Since I dont see anything I guess that the server is offline. Q: 1. Do I have to have external ip address to connect? 2. Can this happen because I'm in Poland and serv is in US? 3. Will it be possible for me to play (I have a pretty decent connection 3Mb)?
  6. Well I'm not an expert but if you are talking about fsx game server, changing ip every once in a while will disconnect the players. And I guess the No-Ip won't help also, because in general games are connecting thru ip so even if DNS will say, it is always for ex "fsx.host.com"; still the game will be using ip, not the domain name (I s'pose). And it's weird that your ip changes few times a day, it seams that your provider has short ip lease time periods set in DHCP router or whatever used. But as I said I'm not an expert so it maybe working fine. These are my concerns from experience with other online games I played. regards Grumpy
  7. Excellent movie! Can you tell what aircraft did you use. The quality of VC is outstanding! Regards grumpy
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