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  1. Hello Oliver I have AES running at all possible airports and enjoy it very much, it seems that GSX is adding service to all airports incl. defaults, but i have not been able to establish facts about if its possible to run the two program together (both here or in FSdreamteams forum), and in that case, witch part will work and wich one will be excluded, Specially the baggage handling is quite nice in GSX, but i doubt they can run together with AES. I am thankfull for any knowledge about it, like i think, many others. Take Care JP
  2. Thanks a billion Thorsten for a clear and usefull statement. I was not at all aware of the FSDG case, and thought the EKCH project was close to running aground. Now we can peacefully await the progress . Take Care JP
  3. Hej Mathijs Thanks for reply, sorry for long respond time due to vacation. I hope you will elaborate a little more on the topic, because the interest for copenhagen is very much alive among simmers. First of all, the previous version og EKCH by Aerosoft is close to the state of the airport of today, so maybee a "upgrade" to the old version could be a solution (allthough most would prefer a MEGA version with bell and whistles) As Patrick add, i have also difficulties to believe that a good ground immage is problematic, considering all the other nice airports worldwide by aerosoft, and in all modesty, when i made the scenery for Copenhagen Airport Roskilde, i had no problems in obtaining the permission to make the photowork, allthough you need security clearence etc. and Lindbergh had thrown a lifeline here... In other words Mathijs, lets have the whole true and uncutted version of the storie of MEGA airport Copenhagen, because uptill now, we in the happy flightsim community have felt certain that it was well underway by previous postnings by Thorsten. Take Care and live longer JP
  4. Hello Mathijs Would you be a little more specific, and throw a light into the complete scandinavian darknes after your message in the last pinned topic about kastrup. Why would Aerosoft (maybee) not devellop Copenhagen-X ! This important airport is seriously missing not only for the whole online flying community, but also by most devoted flightsimmers. Further you have made us believe, with great fate in Aerosoft, that one fine day Copenhagen will once agin raise from the virtual rubbles it has fallen into, and that Aerosoft are in the process of creation. I simply do not understand Aerosofts priority here, leaving so many out in the cold, after you already have made the airport earlier. You create so many splendid sceneries of unknow and unimportant airports around the world (i enjoy them all) But not creating on af the major airports of Europe, why,why why. We ARE Vikings here in Denmark, but nice Vikings. We deserve Copenhagen, so dont bail out on this one. Take Care JP
  5. Hej Again I tried your suggestion, and found the culprit, Scenery-Techs Landclass for Europe. it leaves me with a sad feeling putting the blame on StavangerX wich endee is a fine product, but it really puzzles me why the black square problem dissapeared after re-installing it as descibed before. Yet again, FSX is something we have to live with,...not to understand Thanks for your help, once more.
  6. Hej Shaun Thanks for reply, i just wonder about the missing landclass resolved after re-install of StavangerX. could it be a corrupted download/installation, and is it possible to recover the original landclass as shoved on Jpeg 1.
  7. Hej Aerosoft I have made a small improvement for ENJA on Jan Mayen, but after installing Stavanger the landclass has changed completely to a very unrealistic mild clima, leaf trees, lots of houses and fields (jpeg 1). Jan Mayen has a harsh arctic tundra landscape with no settelemnts, trees ect., so it was very bad news to conclude the change. I de-installed Stavanger, but only to find the landclass comletely destroyed, look at enclosed Jpeg 2. lots of black squares. I have also installed the Scenery tech landlass for europe, but the landclass for Jan Mayen is as enclosed on Jpeg 3. I hope you can help, so the order can be restored NB; i have installed Stavanger again, and it solved the black problem, but still, Jan Mayen is far away from realism. Take Care JP
  8. Thanks to You both, i have downloaded the file, and i can see that 4 others has done the same Much appreciated Best regards JP
  9. Hej Hermann You are a star on my heaven but what does Shaun say ? Take Care
  10. Hej Shaun Thanks for your help, but the link is unfortunately "gone dead" Take Care JP
  11. Hello Noble Aviators After reinstall and long time not flying this fine bird, i have forgotten the fix for this problem, and can no longer find any post in the forum. Any help is much appreciated Many thanks in advance JP
  12. Thanks, that is indeed good news
  13. Hello Gentleme After a complete re-install i have encountered problems, since the AES object now are not textured anymore - se enclosed Jpeg. The airports are active after installement of ver.2.10, anyhow i did not need to re-insert the keys. The problems are the same in eg. Dreamteams LSZH. Zurich Thanks in advance for any help Take Care JP
  14. Hej Altena I can se you are running FSX and FS9. Is it in FSX you encounter problems, and have you found a solution by increasing priority for EHAM in the scenery config file. Why im asking is, that i have hold back purchasing EHAM since there seems no clear answers how to run FSX and NL2000 together, and NL2000 is a "must have" for me, on the other hand Aerosofts EHAM looks great Take Care JP
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