We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. Hi Jonas Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do fly online on Vatsim using vPilot. All Carenado aircraft is unchecked. But I still have the issue.
  2. Hi Guys I am fully aware that this issue has been reported many times. I've had the issue for years. During cruise or decend, I quite often get a shutdown on the A320 (and sometimes A330). I have unchecked all Carenado aircraft in vPilot. So the fixes for this, that I have heard for isn't working for me. I am flying P3Dv5, the very most updated one, and it was a full install. The airbuses are fully updated and I use Simbrief for planning. I have tried pretty much everything suggested over the 2 years I have flown the AS Airbusses. I have to mention that it is NOT everytime it shuts down, I do have MANY completed and successful flights. But it does happen often. Any help is good help. Many Greetings Denmark Marc Jurek Nielsen
  3. Hi Mathijs! I tried to fly to Frankfurt am Main today with an A319, on approach at 18000` the aircraft went cold and dark, no life at all. The very same happened 2 days ago with the A321 also at Frankfurt, those are the only 2 times i have ever seen it myself, and i have flown to Frankfurt more than 5 times before.


    ….Marc Jurek Nielsen

  4. Hi! Mathijs!

    My name is Marc, ive flown your beautiful a318-19-20-21 family everyday now, for a half year. Ive just done the update, and there is a problem with the a321. The VAPP it suggest is as usual, but when the slow down to that speed, a very very high pitch is needed, and you would have to add 8 knots to the suggested VAPP to get a normal pitch. But there is nothing wrong with the VAPP, it is just the planes perf that have been changed. This have happened before.


    I really hope you can help, i am nothing without your Airbusses.


    …….Marc Nielsen

    1. Marc3313


      It used to work perfectly with

    2. Marc3313


      Hi Mathijs!

      Im sorry i wrote to you about the a321 problem, it is not true, it is perfectly fine, and nothing needs to be changed. Thanks for a great product!

  5. Hi! Im trying to find the CFG file for the cockpit sounds, i have to modify and change some sounds. Is there anybody who know where that .cfg file is, or what it is that knows what sound to play when!??



  6. Hi Mathijs!

    Im having a problem with the AS A318/19/20/21 PRO. The EFOB says an enormous minus number, and therefore it can not calculate any VAPP. Im living on these great airplanes, and they are a huge part of my daily life.

    Hope for an update soon(-:

    Greetings...… Marc

    1. The Dude

      The Dude

      Reinstall the airbus please and do a non experimental update via ASupdater. All should be fine again after that. 

    2. Marc3313


      Thanks for the reply, but when i install the airbus again after deleting it, it is the version, and the only update available is the experimental update

    3. Marc3313


      Oh, i got it. Never mind. THANKS!

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