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  1. Hey Ross Here’s what I do. I find a blank sound file, wich is .waw I rename the blank file with the sound file I wanna replace, so the callout doesn’t sound. And when renamed, you replace it with the original file. Good luck Many Greetings Denmark MAN/Marc J. Nielsen
  2. Hi! The CF point is what you need to delete! CF is Course to Fix, and it provides you with a route from CF to CF10, wich is behind the CF point! So it takes you around. So next time just delete the CF. Good luck sir! Many Greetings Denmark MAN/Marc J. Nielsen
  3. Have you checked in the aircraft.cfg folder for the aircrafts, that is start with number 0 then 1 then 2 and so on? Please just do that to be sure! Many Greetings MAN/Marc J. Nielsen
  4. Hi Sir! Okay, i´ve just tried this myself, and it really does not seem like an option. There is only 2 service doors on the right hand side of the aircraft in the GSX customize settings. But I'm pretty sure that if it actually is possible, it wouldn't be easy. Many Greetings MAN/Marc J. Nielsen
  5. Thats good to hear sir! I hope that this problem won´t show again! Happy flying, you are always welcome to post here on the forums! Many Greetings MAN/Marc J. Nielsen
  6. Do you have any Idea when that is gonna be implemented? Many Greetings MAN/Marc J. Nielsen
  7. The Client is a very importent one to be up to date. So yes, uninstall and reinstall the Client, and RESTART your PC. That is very importent too. Give me an update after that! Many Greetings MAN/Marc J. Nielsen
  8. Hi Daniel Im sorry, that was my fault, this is the CRJ Forum. When you installed the P3D hotfix 2, did you do a full reinstallation? Or just the Client? And did you do anything to the CRJ after updating P3D, such as Updates? Many Greetings MAN/Marc J. Nielsen
  9. Hi Daniel! Okay, so first of all, when you say Yoke. Do you use a Yoke to fly the Airbus, or is this another aircraft? (PS: What Aircraft is this) Many Greetings MAN/Marc J. Nielsen
  10. Okay, that is sad to hear sir! Do you use GSX to board and fuel the Aircraft?
  11. Hi Sir! Im not sure if this is what it is, but it sounds to me like a problem with either the Airbus Checklists or GSX. So if you experience it again, please check in the MCDU3 that the Chocks, Traffic cones and External power. So even though it is supposed to do that automatically, please check so. If all these things is disconnected, and it still won´t move, try to disconnect GSX and move the aircraft. Many Greetings MAN/Marc J. Nielsen
  12. Roger! Well i also use ACARS when im flying, and that only detects the amount of fuel I`m pushing back with and not anything else, no PAX or Cargo. So you´re always welcome to write here on the forums, but in this case, my knowledge of the airbus can not help you here (-: But does your ACARS automatically detect the amount of PAX, Cargo and Fuel?
  13. Hello Sir! Okay, so you can actually see the PAX number in the aircraft? Because if thats the case, i will need some more informations about the ACARS you use. But what i can help with, is mostly the airbus! So i just need to understand if you can see the PAX in the aircraft and on the gross weight (GW)? Many Greetings MAN/Marc J. Nielsen
  14. I also have the version of the A318/19/20/21. And I do not have any problems at all. When you say, that the A330 is also messed up, is that after the update. I’m a little confused when you say 1.3.0, because that’s the a320’s. Many Greetings MAN/Marc J. Nielsen
  15. Hello Sir! Very nice to hear, that you enjoy the A330. The overshoot issue can be many things. It can for sure be some Autoflight variations, but I was mostly thinking of your speed in this example. Can you remember by that time how your speed was set? What is managed or selected? Because if you had selected, let’s say 280 knots on the way to a sharp turn at an altitude below 10.000 ft, the plane with most likely overshoot. Let me know if you have experienced other flight with the same problem in the newer versions of the A330. Many Greetings MAN/Marc J. Nielsen
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