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  1. Guys I am currently setting up a few things on FSX that involve transporting the US President. I have improved scenery for the white house and Washington, secret service and motorcade at Andrews and the South lawn. Airforce One is sorted by way of PMDG 747 and the repaint, as is Airforce Two with Captain sims 757 and the Mcphat repaint. However one thing eludes me.....I need a model and repaint of Marine One helicopter. I am aware that a repaint is available for the FSX acceleration pack, however I do not have this and therefore I am looking for a freeware model and repaint. Any ideas? Would you happen to know if the following payware model will work with this FS9 repaint. http://www.hovercont...=0&y=0&bool=and Payware - http://www.fspilotsh...roducts_id=2909 Thanks in advance Rich
  2. Hi everyone, wanted to post some shots of my new tail dragger from Carenado. Please enjoy and comments are always welcome. I've been working on sorting out some good looking water just of late. Cheers Rich
  3. Just some shots I thought i'd share with you. Thanks for viewing - comments welcome as ever. Rich
  4. Holgi! Sometimes those that provide sensational freeware go unnoticed and i'm sure the re painters especially would like to see their work in action so to speak. So Holgi, thanks for this repaint. My favorite of the year so far! Rich
  5. Hill


    Perfect sense, Thank you! I can see how DME is much easier to know your position and I will look into the Commander as it sounds like I will have the luxury of choice!
  6. Hill


    Hi everyone, Today I flew my first VFR flight using the Plan G flight planner and it is excellent! The software enabled me to use a very complicated flight plan which meant I would be triangulating my position three times in the space of 30 mins during a little sightseeing trip over Stone Hedge. It also meant I knew when I would be over particular roads etc....very detailed and so satisfying when you see that road pop up on the horizon and your VFR skills worked! (screenshots of flight in screenshot forum) That brings me onto something else. I did try to plan a triangulation from different VOR's but when I got in the sim, the VORs bought about the barber pole in the OBS display meaning they weren't working. Do all the VORs in Plan G work in FSX? Also I am looking for a nice payware VFR aircraft (possibly from Carenado) that would enable me to triangulate, that is to say contain two Nav radios and two OBS dials. And possibly with DME equipment also. Could anyone make a suggestion? How does a VFR aircraft with no DME and only one Nav radio triangulate?? Thanks in advance! Rich
  7. oh no, how embarrassing I already have this, i have just been calling it the enb series tweak. Thanks for your reply, I have been using it tho, thought the plug in was something different! Rich
  8. Hi everyone, I have been doing a lot of reading around on HDR Plug ins recently. I believe, Mut you use it and also Soya has mentioned it also. Some of the reading I have been doing has been very negative, causing problems down the line after an initial install etc. What are you thoughts? And where can I get it from? Rich
  9. Hi everyone, Having recently moved home, I have been without Internet access for a fair old while now (feels like you've lost a limb). I return to find some great new add ons and the announcement of Microsoft starting development (or indeed well into development) of a new release. It genuinely feels like our community is buzzing again. The future is bright! I thought I'd come back online with some shots I took whilst I was back in the stone age without Internet. Enjoy!!! Rich Thomson flight at Bristol receiving some maintenance Same plane making it's way onwards to Glasgow Concentrating in the Sabre Short Final in the 737 UN representatives arriving in Frankfurt On finals at Heathrow And again but in the 757 this time High traffic Comments Welcome as ever.
  10. Just some shots I had gathering dust from my fun had whilst using the formation tool. And last of all....screaming over the fence at Bristol in the Sabre Rich
  11. Guys I have added Javiers incredible looking carriers to my FSX, however I can't get the catapult to work. Does it not work with any aircraft? I was trying to use the freeware Sabre. How do I get it to work?? Many thanks Rich
  12. I had an idea this morning whilst looking at my photobucket. I had no idea that I had taken so many screenshots!! So I thought I'd display my personal favorites in the hope that you guys could help me pick my (insert fanfare here!) ALL TIME BEST SCREENSHOT! I intend to post this exact post on many forums and will add up the votes and post the overall winner after a couple of weeks. If it wasn't for the very community I will be posting these shots......none of the shots would actually be possible, so please see this as what can be achieved when we all put our heads together :help: FS9 and FSX shots are included. Thanks for your vote! Rich Mr President Speedbird Salmon up Stream Delayed Delta Orange Tough Landing Catching the light Fly me to the Moon Spotter Gap in the clouds
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