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  1. Thank you, Peter, that's all understood and I know what you mean by the fps issues of course, and still hope you could find a way forward perhaps with a randomization as to appearance of the bird phenomenon. Perhaps the water factor could be a way forward, and if so, good luck with that, it's all much appreciated. The image you've posted as to a wave model seems encouraging, isn't it, as you have been able to generate a wave system with all its anomolies and fading away at the edges and reducing in amplitude down-wind of the mountain range. I am thinking that FSX will be the MS soaring sim of choice even after 'Flight' appears for some years to come (don't have Condor). Wave would be a valued upgrade for CumulusX and potentially visually stunning if lenticulars are there too. Many thanks and best wishes Phil
  2. ... slightly frivolous, but might it be possible to modify the 'visualisations' of thermals to include the birds modelled as scenery objects in FSX, so that they can be seen to mark thermals particularly at lower altitudes. Do I think right, in that your cumulus cloud modelreplaced the default visualisation of thermals in FSX, in which case I wonder if the white birds (gulls?) present in FSX as optional scenery objects, might be made to present 'on the fly' where cumulusX generates a thermal. If these white birds could be seen, particularly nearerer the ground, say between 100 - 1000' they would act as a thermal marker, something which is not uncommon in my experience in UK. I have never actually seen a 'raptor' soaring in FSX, and I would like to see birds soaring, call me a sentimental old fool if you like :-) Best wishes, Phil PS - hope you are fine and I'm wondering if you have been able to make any progress with 'wave' lift in FSX; any news please?
  3. Hiya everybody at SOAR The 'Peter Patch' works. Over at the UKVGA, we are using Peter's new CumulusX upgrade for our multiplayer soaring tasks with great success and deep joy. We who have Acceleration are now seeing the same thermal-scape and the close-quarter combat in thermals is very enjoyable. Thanks to Peter for the patch. Best wishes, and keep a good look-out! Phil
  4. Thanks Peter, I have tried to connect to your FSHost server, using luerkens.homedns.org but when I 'search for sessions' I get 'no sessions found' error. Is your server still running? I am using Windows 7 with current service packs and I can connect to Scott's server OK. Phil
  5. Try running the software on high priority in task manager/processes. Phil
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