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  1. That looks great! I'll try this out tonight. Do you have any objections to me making other FSX soaring fans aware of this?
  2. Hi - this sounds like a great advance for soaring in FSX - I'd love to see some screenshots please!
  3. I got a great improvement from SP1 on my old machine - much smoother and better fps and also able to bump sliders up a few notches. Very happy.
  4. Thanks for the link - I do hope the MS soaring fraternity doesn't wither...
  5. Hi Foster - your FSX soaring website seems to be down (I can't use the messaging or email functions of the board it seems, or i would have PM'd you). regards smith
  6. Great stuff Foster! Can't wait to try it. smith
  7. This is very exciting stuff Forster! It is great to see talented individuals working on soaring missions for FSX (and also developing things like compensated varios). Is it okay if I mention what you're up to, on a couple of FS-related forums I'm a member of (Sim-Outhouse and Voz)? FSX first turned me on to virtual soaring and while that road took me quickly to Condor (which is excellent), I still really like FSX's soaring. While it's got its problems (I had the devil of a time in the Swedish soaring mission, with no thermal indicators, looking for thermals parked under clouds, only to later find the thermals aren't placed like they are in nature), it's graphics are much better that Condor's and I can soar in recognisable places in my part of the world in Australia and NZ. Plus FSX has a nice feel and flow to it. So more power to your right arm in developing soaring missions. I looked at your site and its discussion about the SDK, but I noticed you talked mostly about ridge and normal thermals. What about wave? How is that handled in FSX - is it set up just like ridge, but placed downwind? Another thought I had about the inclusion of lift in normal free flight is about the third-party weather generation programs, particularly Active Sky. I read somewhere that Active Sky 6.0 will generate thermals - does anyone have experience with that and does it provide a full suite of "natural" thermals? smith
  8. Just a note to the board admins to thank them for their help in solving some registration problems I was having. The quick validation was great, thank you! smith
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