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  1. hello, when I go to the link www.luerkens.homepage.t-online.de/peter, the download is still version 1.8.0.zip
  2. Thanks peter , I was able to install the program. When it is the license, I just subscribe by paying 10 euro. I also have to receive something
  3. Hello, I can not download at the site of peter CumulusX. my browser says it can not connect to a link: luerkens.homedns.org/CumulusX/-CumulusX.-1.-8.-0.-zip
  4. pascalmou


    Hi Where is program Winch please
  5. has not set their status

  6. C'est pas vrai en ben on vas boire alors, bonne fete comme on dit icit.... :cheers2: :BEER3:
  7. On fesse ce qu'on pneu........ :angry2:
  8. Thanks Tom, My English is poor, but I can be useful myself well of reverso or google for the translation....... :AA: Then I make use of it.... :whistling: Superb that our two community can cohabited. One of these days I would come to make a flight organized by SOAR. I wish that the translation not be too bad has soon....... :winks:
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