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  1. Hello, can I install the HD textures in the A320/A321 Professional?
  2. Good afternoon Is an Airbus A350 from Aerosoft planned? I would pay up to 80€ for the plane. I think many other Simmer would want an A350 too.
  3. Okay. Thanks for the answers. I just hope the A330 comes this year.
  4. Good evening. As you can read above, I have a problem with the FSLabs A320X. But first to the information in advance. I have with the QW 787 - while I stand in Paris CDG (T2G) - no or only very minimal jerkers. I don't have any problems with the PMDG 777 either. But as soon as I load the A320X in Paris CDG and change the view in the cockpit (ChasePlane), I have extreme stutters. This is only the case with the FSLabs and no other aircraft. Even in Frankfurt everything runs with other airplanes (737/777/787/A320/321 AS) liquid and without any stutters. Does any of you know why? I rea
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