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  1. Bravo, Aerosoft, these are very very good news. I think Aerosoft gives a very strong feedback to the customers and to the community (look at these open forums, for instance). So, thanks a lot again. The Airbus X is already a big plane, now I'm sure it will be betwen the greatest. Felix Fernandez de Castro (Oviedo, Spain)
  2. Thanks a lot, ASoft, now we have again some hope about an Airbus for our Flight Simulator. This is the way I have always been ASoft answer the request of simmers! Congratulations, and can't wait for these Advanced Version! Thanks and best regards, Félix Fernández de Castro
  3. I really can't believe the way some people near to Aerosoft is reacting to this request of many simmers. Aerosoft has always been for me distinct from other software developers because they actually answer to the community. Now, they have in their hands the chance of managing the reference Airbus for years, and they are loosing it! Why, I wonder. OK, you are honest, nobody doubts, the MCDU that many people demands here is not in the previous and announced specifications of the product. It's true. But it is not enough. Why? Because, as jgcomp pointed before, we were already using MCDU with
  4. I have made another test. If I take off from an AES activated airport (Arlanda, in this case), but without having used the AES services (directly from the runway start position), there is no problem, and the taking of is followed by a normal climbing. Maybe this helps to isolating the rows of the problem? Thanks again, in advance, for your attention Félix Fernández de Castro (Spain) This is my "Support ID": C6A8203643432176C7A820364B102136C6A82036C4A82036C3A89D43892C
  5. I have exactly the same problem than JohnAC, with my AES 2.03. When I take off, my FS 9.1 freezes, and after a few seconds the panel (even the VC) disappears and I can see the void landscape, freezed, in front of me. Nothing more. And this happens only when AES is active. I have tested it in an Aerosoft and an FSDream Team airports (Arlanda and Cointrin), and it is exactly the same. If I put off AES, I can take off; if AES is active, I can not. Another thing: although the visual side of FS is freezed, in some sense the program is still running. I mean: the sound and the ATC are running; if
  6. Hello all: I have bought and installed my Arlanda X in FSX. Can I install it under my FS9, too? When I execute the installation file, I find only two options, repair and uninstall, but not the option of install undre other FS version. Is this possible? Thanks a lot in advance, Felix
  7. Sorry, I have just found that the solution was still here, in this forum: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?sh...&hl=arlanda Nothing as the force of desesperation for looking well! Regards, Félix
  8. Hi all: Does anybody has anything new about the Arlanda sinking planes problem? Thanks in advance, Felix
  9. Hello, Shaun: Thanks a lot for answering so quickly! No, there is no any afcad, mesh, or scenery element at all, in my FSX, now, appart from the default and the Arlanda X. When I talk about my WoAI traffic, I am talking exclusively about planes and flight plans. I am so sure about that because I have just reinstalled my FSX + Acc from zero. My only scenery addon is Arlanda X. I like very much this airport, and I have chosen it as my first scenery bought, and a test about the Aerosoft airports, in many of what I am interested for the future (Barajas, German airports, etc). I would like to f
  10. I have recently reinstalled my FSX, so I have no scenery addon except Aerosoft MegAirport Arlanda, the first one I have bought. I have installed my traffic (all WoAI, actually), and I find the planes sinking at landing at after taxi in (not when they are loaded before). You can see that in the screenshots below. Can anibody help me to fix that? I have seen there were a fix for the Scandinavian airports in FS9, but I don't know if is useful in FSX, too. Thanks a lot in advance. Félix Fernández de Castro (Oviedo, Spain)
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