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  1. I just agreed with JustFlight offer and purchased the new Aerosoft A330. Volume 6 (step-by-step) is not in the documentation provided. Otherwise, all else seems OK for now. JGComp
  2. So simple. I wonder how I missed that. Thank you much
  3. The step-by-step Guide mentions "Panel Bars" on page 26 section 4.6.2 and I have them enabled in the MCDU as stated in the Guide. But I cannot find how to see them. I use P3D latest version and Aerosoft A320 Pro. I am fairly new with this aircraft and I am therefore reading everything I can according to the Guide. I simply don't know how to visualize these bars. Is there a clickable spot somewhere for them. I know I can switch viewpoints by pressing F9 or F10 or F11 or F12 or pressing A on the keyboard but none of these show me any panel bar. Obviously, there is something I don't catch. Could someone guide me a bit, please.
  4. I purchased Airbus X and I must report that I ma highly deceived that the MCDU is lacking several important features such as Airport Departure Runways, SID, STAR, Airport Arrival Runways, etc. Before using FSX, I owned and operated the Airbus series from Phoenix Software and, all will agree that while the Phoenix aircraft did not have all the eye candies/features of the Aibus X from Aerosoft, it had MCDU functionality much superior to Aerosoft. For all that is, I must go back to using my LVLD 767 and my PMDG 747 which offer more realistic MCDUs. Until Aerosoft comes up with a patch for what I consider a serious flaw on the part of Aerosoft. If I could get a reimbursement, I would gladly give it back. It is not worth using as it is. JGComp
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