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  1. 19 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:


    What we use in our project IS the TurbineSound set. We licensed that. If you read back a bit you will find that while it works well in P3D, it simply does not contain all the data needed for a complete MSFS sound set.


    Thanks for enlightening me, Mathijs  - I didn't know, and I suspect quite a number of others don't know either, particularly over at Avsim where the vitriol is unbearable.


    All the best.

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  2. I'm reading that Aerosoft is having difficulty finding a DHC-6 operator in Europe who is willing to do all that's required to obtain a full sound set. It is also true that there aren't that many Twotter operators in Europe anyway. Here in the cosy world of simulated aviation, such real-world factors are not always fully appreciated, and I am as guilty as anyone. It must be a bit of a headache.


    So then...what about the sounds from previous Twotters for FSX, P3D and the like ? Turbine Sound Studios do an excellent sound set - is it not possible to obtain a licence and incorporate it into the Aerosoft Otter ?

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  3. On 7/13/2022 at 11:49 AM, Dopster198 said:

    This A330 will have to be spectacular in every way for me to even consider looking at it, and even then not without waiting at least a month or six .... (or as we say in Dutch "we kijken de kat eerst maar es uit de boom"). And I will recommend anyone else to do the same!


    I largely agree.


    The Twin Otter is a much-loved aircraft, but the Aerosoft example is the only one available in MSFS, and I'm sure that accounts for a high percentage of the sales figures. People have tolerated the sound issues because no other Twin Otter is available.


    The problem lies in the future, when (if) the A330 goes on sale in the more crowded 'tubeliner' market. There'll be the perception that if the Twotter wasn't fully fixed, neither will the A330, and the many alternatives from other developers/publishers will become more attractive. It's a matter of overall perception - for instance, in recent months I've seen a lot of praise for Just Flight, and how they've constantly updated their products in response to customer feedback. When an aircraft is in development, and people start saying "It'll be good - Just Flight are doing it" then JF have gained an enviable reputation.


    The problem is that while enviable reputations take a long time to establish, they can be damaged very quickly. I'm a long-time customer of Aerosoft, and enjoyed many of their aircraft in FSX and P3D, including the earlier Twotters. It is genuinely disappointing that after all the effort expended on the MSFS Twotter, the final 'big fix' might not now be implemented. And that alters my own overall impression - if Aerosoft were to release MSFS versions of the Catalina and Bronco, I'd be more hesitant about buying them than before. I mean no ill will towards Aerosoft, but this is the most obvious natural reaction.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Dopster198 said:

    This is all very disappointing, I have to say ...


    Disappointing, yes, but at least we know where we stand. I'm now clearer about which add-on aircraft to consider over the next few months, and that is helpful.

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  5. May we have the current status of the sound improvement, please. Is it still in progress, and if so, when can we expect it ? If it has been abandoned, can we please be told ? This prospective Twotter customer would really like to know the definite answer.

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  6. 4 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:

    Yes, we will keep updating as we do for most of our products. And we have ordered a full new sound recording as well because the sounds that we had can simply not be tweaked more then that they has been done.


    And while we of course worry about the remaining issues, we are very happy because this one has sold extremely well. 


    Very good news indeed. I'm holding off buying the Twotter for the moment, because of the reported problems I'm reading about. However, I really do want it so I'm looking forward to seeing what measures are taken. All the best with it - it deserves to be perfect.

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  7. Will do, Eric ;) Thanks for reminding me about Nvidia Inspector...with all the deleting of v1.3, downloading and installing v1.4,, then getting REX Essentials sorted out..I had forgotten about Inspector! Thats the next thing to work with.

  8. Eric, I have Nvidia Inspector, and used it with that old long-gone sim...let me think...what was the name of it..ah yes, I remember now...FSX! :lol:

    I have yet to use it with P3D, but are you saying that the settings for FSX are good for P3D ? :)

  9. Ah okay Mathijs, well, time will tell. In the meanwhile, there is v1.4 to download. Yes, the complete re-download and installation come every new version is going to be a pain, but what I am seeing in P3D makes such effort worthwhile. Very pleased and very optimistic for our civilian flight simming future! :)

  10. Matt, there is a kind of kudos to flying a flight simulator by Lockheed Martin, no ? Lockheed...Martin...gawd, think of all those famous aircraft!

    Boerries, no worries! You are right, and I'm not doing anything more until 1.4 is installed. Luckily, Orbx's FTX scenery migration tool makes the transfer easy ( though the original files remain in FSX, and must stay there ) and Rex Essentials requires a $4.99 P3D license fee, after which, Rex Essentials works perfectly with the new sim. I've done nothing else as far as transferring FSX add-ons, and will wait till the new version is installed. :)

  11. From last weekend, when I finally bought P3D v1.3; the default Maule, which FSX fliers will be familiar with, over some Orbx FTX Australia countryside. I've stopped any further transferring of files as v1.4 is out in a few days, and I'll start again with Orbx's migration tool.

    Downtown Melbourne off to the far right;-


    The teeming suburbs. You can smell the barbie smoke even up here;-


    Heading towards the mountains;-


    Closer still;-


    Into the red heart of Oz, and Orbx's YBAS Alice Springs add on, which gives you the airport and the town;-



  12. I hope the will do the update to DX11 soon, that 'could' make a huge difference in framerate as a lot that is now done on the CPU can be moved to the GPU.

    Yes, but isn't DX11 going to leave a lot of current add-ons unusable ? I believe Sharrow ( Konrad ) said this a good while back.

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