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  1. Since this topic was closed, with a wrong hint to the problem, i reopen it. I dont install my addons in the Prepar3DAddons folder and also have this problem. Also that all apps that change files have this i cant really see. I have over 200 airports, with at least 25 from Aerosoft, this is happening with exactly 1 of them, EDDF. Lets say i believe you that its a false positive, i still cant install it.... When i unblock it it will again and again getting blocked and in the end the configurator doesnt work and the sim has scenery problems. What can i do? Standard Win Defender with Win 10 Pro Unblocking doesnt help. It will continue installing without the blocked file because the installer doesnt stop doing things while unblocking. So always some files will be corrupted since its a temp file that is getting blocked and while you unblock it the installer already did other things, like mentioned.
  2. Just wanted to say thanks. The CRJ makes msfs worthwhile for me, besides maybe 2 other planes (JF arrow and cj4). The performance of the FBW a320 is just to low for me...so I already look forward to your a330. Iran really good for me in p3d so I guess it will be ok in msfs too. I was sceptical at first but i really like to fly it now. Approach can be a bit tricky at times but overall it does lots of things better than the other planes (especially altitude calculations and overall FMC stuff, all the ecam pages etc and more). Also, seeing what some other devs do by putting together random things, and sell it for not much less money than the CRJ, i appreciate the plane and price even more. More people should, at least here one can see that the dev is trying to create a worthwhile plane. I would just wish for a weather radar and at least ground radar... I really miss that alot. Hopefully we get it one day, it would be an immense addition (btw, i saw the Freeware gtn750 uses weather and ground radar too, so shouldn't it be possible somehow for 3rd party devs?) Anyway, good work. I will suggest the plane to others with a good feeling.
  3. That has to be a joke ^^ The pros complain the game is too less simulated and the beginners complain that it would be too much.. Honestly, i dont want to be a dev for planes in flightsim. It has to be horror like little amount of other areas in development.
  4. Hello. The CRJ will give a 100% ctd when entering ENBR as arrival, with ILS 17. The moment the button for ILS17 is pressed the sim will crash. Confirmed by others. Reproducible. Ive tried the 700, not sure about the 550. Thanks for fixing. Errors in windows log: ------------------------------- Problemsignatur: P1: Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.14.5.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe P2: praid:App P3: P4: 6040b793 P5: m2de07009_0.dll P6: P7: 60511846 P8: c000001d P9: 000000000000d403 -------------------------------
  5. Surprising to see for me too. And tbh, very disappointing. Everyone knows that asobo AP is broken since early alpha. How you could implement this is beyond me.
  6. Did 4 flights now, at standard airports and at your EDDM, the ILS wont work. One of 2 things will happen: Either the GS isnt catched at all, doesnt matter if are below it or not (yes, the GS indicator shows). Or second scenario is that it catches the GS but then goes into nosedive... As can be seen here at EDDM: First its catched. Then it nosedives. It cant be seen well on the pic because i tried to save the flight , so i turned back up the nose manually. A few secs after catching the GS the plane went straight down to the ground in an at least -15 deg angle. The sec pic shows AP disenganged for this reason (tried to not go into the ground, what would have happened a few secs later with AP engaged. This also means that engine thrust etc is also not like it was when the problem happened. Like mentioned, i tried to save the plane. So, so far 4 flights and 4 GS fails. KMIA (payware, LatinVFR), KORD (payware, FSDreamteam), KMCO (Standard) and EDDM (payware, Simwings). PS: im not perfect and its always possible i make mistakes. But i have this plane in P3D too, im not new to it.
  7. Just wanted to get back. I've made a post here too before, about low fps. For whatever reason this was only happening for me on the first flight. Now it's fine, with same area and weather. Not sure what it was but it's fluid now. Not high does, around 30, but really fluid.
  8. Here is a video of it..... (the alarm is because it happened before already, i just saved the flight by restarting engines. Tried it again and voila, again same thing. So the vid is showing the second time i go to menu. This is reproducable for me 100%. Meaning every time i go to menus and back the plane will shut down.
  9. Not 100% sure. Yes, the last update caused some issues but not in this harsh way where i loose control over the plane basically. But i will do some more flights
  10. Same here. Not sure its caused by the gpu. It happens randomly for me. The first 10 mins were fine, then suddenly it dropped to the low 20ties. On the arrival to KMCO (no mods) it went down to 15 fps, what broke the flight dynamics fully, making the plane go mad. Usually (in cj4 for example) i get over 40 fps. Maybe 30 if its low. RTX 2080, 32 GB Ram. i 7700k, all non-oc. PS: i doesnt seem to catch the GS either but thats for another topic. Chatted with 2 others and watched 2 streams that had the same problem. GS shows but wont be catched.
  11. Oh yes, what i forgot. Here i forgot to deactivate T2G SODE gates and they were visible. You can see the jetways are double. BUT, and that shows clearly that its a scenery issue, not my settings, the T2G ones are lit. Yours not. Or better said yours a tiny amount and the T2G ones normally lit.
  12. Did you see that i dont have dyn light? I mean at all? ^^ On PBR plane at least That would be the first airport that needs HDR to be active. I have a lot of them, just saying 🙂 And between my friend and mine is also a difference because he hsa dyn light. But the spotlights are NOT showing like in the other pic. That shouldnt have anything to do with HDR. I mean, sure, HDR influences brightness etc but not of dyn light or spotlights show on apron or not. Here is the T2G EDDM. Perfectly fine, like the rest of the 70 or so airports installed, besides the 3 or 4 with exactly this bug.
  13. Me Friend Guy from other topic My friend and me have the identical settings (see pic above), both a RTX 2080 (he has TI version) and both the same nvidia drivers. Both did the update via ASUpdater.
  14. Just to be clear, the one pic where the lights work on the plane, but looks a lot different that the pic posted by another one yesterday, is not from me. The settings shown below are mine and the pic in first post in this topic is my sim. So i get no dyn light at all. My friend gets dyn light (same settings) but lot darker than the pic from the other guy. And also he has no spotlights showing on ground. Your pic has sportlights. So in short, we have 3 different versions now. A pic from someone else where it works fully. A pic from my friend that is somewhere in the middle with dyn light but no visible spotlight and mine, without any light.
  15. Just to understand it right, i opened the updater today, afternoon. Then the updater updated. Then it showed me an Update for EDDM with these fixes - Several optimizations at the ground of the airport for day and nighttime - Taxiwaylines got more contrast, added layers for apron, less tyre marks at apron, tyre marks removed outside apron surfaces - RWY concrete texture changed - Shadow layer for buildings on apron (Ambient Oclusion) - Changed glass color at terminals to green glass, partly changed night textures - Fixed dynamic lights color to LED and related to PBR Materials on Aircrafts - Build 3D spotter hill in the south of the airport - Added hills on the north side between Taxiway and Erdinger Allee - Advertising added at T1 jetways - Reworked advertising on T2 jetways (blue gradient) - Fixed wrong sign at gate 117B - removed double vehicles at Gate 251 I get what i showed you in the pic above, no dyn light. But a friend who also did the same, got this Seems for him the lights are working on PBR plane but still not as the pic in the other topic, like seen here in following pic. Where the lights are a lot better So im a bit confused now^^ I mean, i can wait for it but i just wonder why it showed me an update then. The log shows it upacked all the files, and update succesfull but i dont see any entries that actually tell me it installed something Installing sim-wings pro Munich Version =============================================== Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Effects\AL_OP-ApronLight1-EDDM-E.fx Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Effects\AL_OP-ApronLight2-EDDM-E.fx Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Effects\AL_OP-RWYFlash-EDDM-E.fx Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Effects\AL_OP-RWYWigWag-EDDM-E.fx Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Product.cfg Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Readme.txt Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Scenery\EDDM_CVX-Airport.BGL Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Scenery\EDDM_DYN-ApronWest.BGL Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Scenery\EDDM_DYN-T1.BGL Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Scenery\EDDM_DYN-T1Apron.BGL ................................ .......many more entries here .......... ................................ Unpacking C:\Users\Alex xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\.ndp-chartcloud\offline\EDDM\3073.pdf Unpacking C:\Users\Alex xxxx\AppData\Roaming\.ndp-chartcloud\offline\EDDM\3074.pdf Unpacking C:\Users\Alex xxxx\AppData\Roaming\.ndp-chartcloud\offline\EDDM\catalogue.json Update successful!
  16. Since the topic was closed, i still have the problem with no Dyn Lights at EDDM. Did the update via ASUpdater but its exactly the same as before. I saw that another one had it running, so no idea why... Seems the installer isnt updated yet, not really sure what i should now now.
  17. GCLP has it right btw. The plane is a bit dark too but thats the livery in this case, it doesnt really work with v5 well.
  18. PMDG also would know about the problem. They talked about it when porting the 747.
  19. You have to use different method for PBR materials. I forgot how exactly it was, pmdg said something about 2 different types of dyn light effect files or something. Many devs had this problem too with v5, and most have it fixed yet. There is a way to do it right. Would be great if you can tell the other devs coding for Aerosoft if you found the way to do it, because they also have this problem. This isnt the only one sadly. Besides AS producers Flightbeam was one of the developers recently fixed the same bug, among others. Im sure if your in doubt or cant find the problem that someone there would help you. Maybe Lars from 29 Palms, hes a really helpful guy.
  20. Jup, at least twice. I will reinstall but since it happens on the 318 and the 320 installers I doubt it will change something. I can imagine one of them got corrupted somehow, but both, not sure.
  21. Hello. Im aware that its tagged as "Experimental" but ive not seen this mentioned, the only thing mentioned are stability issues but this doesnt fit into that category. If i have missed something, sorry. The question is if you are aware that the outside and vc textures of the whole family (besides A330) are not not working atm? The reflections seem to be corrupted. It can be seen already in the p3d preview window where all the normal reflection is missing. And inside the sim it is the very same, they show corrupted/not compatible. Look at the light borders, they are not right. It should be smooth gradient until it fades out. Also the reflection of the material isnt right, neither are the colors of the texts. Sharpness is also weird. And here its obvious i guess. Every other aircraft i have works in this category, PBR and no PBR planes. That would be PMDG 747/8, Leonardo MD80, QW 787, A2A planes (Comanche for example), Flysimware Learjet and ALSO your A330. No issue on that one. See pics here. Absolutely no problem with A330. This happens on all liveries, your house liveries as well. The only other plane where something nearly like this is happening is the Majestic Dash 8 when simply copied into v5. But that one is knowingly not compatible, so not really a wonder. Win 2004 P3D v5 HF1 Nvidia RTX 2080 with latest windows 2004 ready drivers Dyn reflections are on High in that pic. Or medium, not 100% sure but they are active. HDR on
  22. For whatever reason its shows DLH for me in the preview?
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