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  1. Thanks for your reply and explanation. I will check it out and inform you. CTD exactly happens when i switch my sim from Full screen mode to window mode. I can't fly without switching it because i plan route, fuel , set Active sky, vpilot etc.. in background.
  2. Hi, when i try to fly Airbus professional, my sim crashes. After that i go to event viewer and check the logs. I have seen that Kernelbase.dll cause that. I fly another companied aircraft like as PMDG, Quality wings without any problems. But with the bus i can hardly open my sim and if can start my sim, it freezes while i am switching full screen to window mode. I have this problem since 1.2.3 versions. It started with and contiuning in I can not fly now. What might have caused this? I have Windows 10
  3. I have update installed. . Run updater says i have lastest updates installed. But In forum i have seen that you released experimental update. Where can i get it?
  4. I firstly check wind and other weather data from my active sky, after that i insert the data of Activesky into simbrief as scheduled enroute time. Than i compare simbrief's fuel calculation with aerosoft A32X fuel planner. With this situation i had at least 2500 kgs more fuel on board than the needed fuel. But efob calculation is -9000 kgs. It is impossible. And in INIT FUEL PREDICTION page, numbers are not readable.
  5. Also A321 EFOB issue with with IAE engines with EXTIAE model.
  6. for A319 IAE engine EXTIAE model. Seems like this issue but i am having that on climb:
  7. Hi guys, I have both A320 bundle. When i fly with A319 it stays at T/O phase not switch to CLB phase. When i am continuing climb (about 15k feet) aircraft automatically tries to reduce speed to 192 knots from 310 knots. Do you know how to solve this? Btw i have last updates installed. I want to ask another question. When i fly with A321 efob does not seem truly. I calculate my fuel and payload carefully, insert my route, check legs from ND. Everything seems normal but EFOB is -9.0 tons. Do you know how to solve this? BTW i have experienced so much bugs with a320 pro series i was expecting less bugs before i use.
  8. Hi everyone, I really need atlas global airlines liveries. There is no atlasglobal liveries for aerosoft(both fsx and pro versions). I would love to fly this ones. These are fantastic and colorful liveries. Please paint these. Thank you in advance A320- TC-ATT https://cdn.planespotters.net/photo/892000/original/tc-att-atlasglobal-airbus-a320-233_PlanespottersNet_892863_7e5c192172.jpg 321 TC-ETN https://cdn.planespotters.net/photo/906000/original/tc-etn-atlasglobal-airbus-a321-131_PlanespottersNet_906247_3b8b713244.jpg
  9. Yes, I use P3D V4.3. I updated only client. I don't use Chaseplane or any other camera addon.
  10. I am requesting Atlas global's A320 TC-ATT and same company's A321 TC-ETN And if you are doing NEO models TC-LSA A321 of turkish airlines which is powered by PW1100G TC-ATT:https://www.planespotters.net/airframe/Airbus/A320/TC-ATT-AtlasGlobal/09dyubx TC-ETN:https://www.planespotters.net/photo/798229/tc-etn-atlasglobal-airbus-a321-131 TC-LSA:https://www.planespotters.net/airframe/Airbus/A321/TC-LSA-Turkish-Airlines/rQRGtEl5
  11. I use PMDG777 too. It has fly by wire and A/P too. It doesn't have this kind problems. To fix fix this issue similar codes might be used.
  12. Thanks for your response TOM. During cruise i get 20-40 fps. I think same with you. This problem does not occur if i don't use p3d at background. I don't want to lower my settings or disable my addons. I hoped that you fixed it in P3D4 with new codes but result is same. In my opinion, Aerosoft must have tought low systems too. Is there any way to fix it? I would be good if you release a fix for it.
  13. Hi, I really liked your aircraft but i am having serious issue. During cruise firsty it just continue its flight flawlessly but then i change my screen to firefox (looking for charts, checking the online traffic on webeye, etc) and prepar 3d continue working on background. After i go back to my cockpit, i found my aircraft like screenshots. My autopilot modes were MACH, ALT CRZ, NAV and AP1 engaged. My aircraft went out of the route and felt down 7000 feet from FL380. It only happens when p3d works at background. I was having same issue in fsx. I tought you revised all codes from older version. And photos not belongs to me, captured from fsx version i uploaded it to make my problem understandable. If you like to my screenshots i can upload them too. My specs: I7 7700HQ GTX1050 8GB RAM
  14. @Holgi i liked your a320 series turkish airlines liveries. https://m.planespotters.net/photo/710064/tc-joh-turkish-airlines-airbus-a330-303 Can you do this livery. TC-JOH Turkish airlines painted this aircraft specially for Euro 2016.
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