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  1. Acutally yes that's it. -What I should see: The DME antenna is located at the same place as the glide path antenna. So basically, the DME should read zero when the aircraft is at the Touch Down Zone. -What I see in FSX: When the aircraft is at the TDZ, the DME reads something like 2Nm (if I remember well), and after a few tests, I was able to confirm that the DME reads zero when overflying the LLZ antenna (a bit after the end of the runway). Hope this is a bit clearer. Charles MOULIN
  2. Sorry, my first sentence was "I guess you looked at the wrong airport". Damn iPhone !
  3. Hi Shaun. I guess you moines at the wrong airport ! You are talking about CDG (LFPG) where I also have that issue. The identifiers you are talking about are matching those at CDG. Plus there is only a 26 at Orly (no 26R or 26L). Regards. Charles MOULIN
  4. Hi again, I'm asking for help regarding a DME issue on ILS approaches on several airfields. In order to simplify, I chose one example to illustrate, ILS 26 (OLW) at ORLY FSX. When I look at the charts, the DME OLW is supposed to read 8.3Nm at 3000ft at GlideSlope Capture, but it reads much more. So I tried to figure out why and here is what I think: it seems that the DME is measured from the localizer antennas, but the DME is normally at the same place as the Glide Antennas (and that is the case for ILS 26 at Orly). I do not know if this issue is a mistake in the scenery design or if it is related to FSX. If something could be done, that would be great, because it is annoying when performing an ILS. Any help would be appreciated. Regards. Charles MOULIN LFPG ATC
  5. Hi, I just happen to have some strange issue with the PAPI on several runways at LFPG in FSX. I'm not sure on which runways exactly it happens, but at least on 26L (and 26R I think). Actually, the ILS seems OK and gets me on the TDZ, but the PAPI keeps saying I'm too low, and if I follow it, it gets me way too far. Any help would be appreciated if you are able to reproduce this. And a completely different issue (but still at CDG !): On runway 27L and 26R, there are displaced thresholds. And if you use full length for take off, the first part of the roll (before passing the "landing threshold", it's really bumpy. Best regards. Charles MOULIN LFPG ATC
  6. Hello ! I just happen to have a little issue. I recently bought VFR London scenery on AVSIM Pilot Store. I read in the forums that there is an update V1.3 (I have V1.2) and I would like to download it. Unfortunately, I can't get VFR London updates when I log to my aerosoft account. I tried adding that product to my registered products list using my key, but I can't get it: it keeps saying that it's not valid. I'd like to know how I could get access to updates. Best regards. Charles MOULIN
  7. For what I heard, not released yet, but well underway ! Charles
  8. Wonderful ! That is very good news indeed ! Because I plan to use this scenery quite a lot (as I did with the previous version...)!!! Once again congratulations on your fantastic work. Charles
  9. I'm not sure, but I would say T or U. (I think KD avia is known to ATC as KNI "Kaliningrad").
  10. Well, you are correct! The normal use at CDG is inner runways for take-offs (you have 4200m) and outer runways for landings (2700m). That's the case 90% of the time. If one of the inner runways has to be closed (maintenance work, aircraft stuck on it...), usually, we often reroute the heavies to the available long runway and ask the mediums if they can take the shorter one. When we lose an outer runway, we use the long runway both for departure and arrivals, and we try to reroute some arrivals on the other pair. Basically, that's it. Of course this is just a summary but that's the idea! I hope I answered your question. Charles
  11. That's correct, but I did not notice that because I do not use any traffic add-on. So I'm not 100% about that, but don't you think that AFR flight on terminal 2b are related to your traffic add-on and not the scenery itself ? Charles
  12. Hi there ! First I would like to congratulate you for this wonderful scenery! It's just brilliant ! I own the previous version and this one not only adds the latest changes to CDG but has been reprogrammed and is less FPS intensive while being even more beautiful! I just noticed a few things lacking (for information, I work as an ATC at CDG) and a little bug: -the new Apron control tower is not there (but it is very recent) -TWY E2 is now closed (also a very recent addition) -Around Terminal 1, on the aprons, there are no aircraft type markings on the ground across the yellow line (I mean the little lines indicating where to stop according to your type of aircraft) -And a bug on the DME's of the ILS's: the problem is that the DME's indicate zero when you are above the localizer antennae instead of the TDZ. So basically, during the whole approach, you read approximately 2NM more than you should. Someone could provide me with a hand corrected AFCAD file but that could be nice if you could fix that in an official update. Anyway, thanks for this wonderful product ! Best regards. Charles
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