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  1. Hi Oliver What was the outcome of this in the end? Regards Will
  2. Hi Denzel and Oliver I bought Maderia a while ago, but never tried AES there, until now. Running in Demo mode, it works fine at UK2000 airports, but when reloading and starting at Madeira, no box shows with an immediate press of CTRL+SHIFT+W (my key combo), and when I copy the "lpma.bgl" for the other Maderia scenery into the Scenery folder like Denzel did, AES starts working, but you get a large overlay of ground at about 100ft (due to different sceneries). Looking at the AES.cfg, it's not supposed to copy anything in, which I presume to mean that Maderia should have AES support built in, but it's not functioning. This is on Windows 7 RC x64. I can install on Windows Vista or XP, but I get the feeling that Denzel has already tested on that a lot with no joy. Also I'm running FSX+SP2 and Madeira 1.01. Hope that provides a few more clues to the issue. Will
  3. WillM


    Yes unforunately the wind issue was never fixed. I've got a reg'd copy of FSUIPC, and my setup currently has: FSX default turbulence - Disabled, FSUIPC Wind smoothing - On (1 degree change per second), Suppress - All wind effects. This gives me a nice "gust" and turbulence feeling, without being blown about like a sheet of paper. Will
  4. WillM


    Hi Richard It happens on mine as well. Basically I believe it's the flightsim code that when you have on reverse thrust, if you press F1 to get the levers back to idle, they are no longer reversed blades, but the RPM is still high from the reverse, hence the surge forward. A good way around it is instead of pressing F1, press F3 until you reach idle. That way by the time you reach idle, the prop RPM should have decreased enough so that the aircraft doesn't surge when the prop pitch comes into idle. If you are using a hardware throttle lever for the power levers, bring it back to idle slowly so you get the same slowing prop. Hope that helps. Will
  5. I found LIPZ here: http://gianp.altervista.org/ Not sure if it's just the patch or whether its the full thing (500kb seems a little small ) Click "ISD sceneries un-official library" then ISD_LIPZ, then the file should be in there. There seems to be service packs as well available from that main page. Hope that's of some help. Will
  6. 688 downloads

    As a complement to Geoff Shipton's "Vista Liner" repaint, I have uploaded my repaints of some of the other aircraft in the old fleet, namely N149SA, N228SA, N241SA, & N253SA. Each paint is different in it's own way, so there is some variety. Instructions for installation are in the included Readme.txt.
  7. I had thought about getting one of the Flybes painted. I'll see what I can do.
  8. 463 downloads

    A very simple configuration consisting of nosewheel and rear door, although the door seems to be pot luck as to whether anything turns up, possibly because it is so low. Made with the free version of AES, and tested on the 300 and 300 Modern, but may work on the others.
  9. 451 downloads

    A repaint of G-BWRB in Brymon Airways livery, circa 1989, used with the "Aerosoft Twin Otter 300". Instructions for editing the aircraft.cfg file are included in the Readme.txt.
  10. 1108 downloads

    Two Isles of Scilly Skybus repaints G-CBML and G-CEWM, created by me last year. Instructions to add the liveries into the aircraft.cfg file can be found in the Readme.txt.
  11. Hi Ciro Yes that me being stupid and not reading the thread title properly! Will
  12. Hi Ciro Editing of the ILS systems is fairly difficult, especially when changing a stock ILS. I don't know about AFX, but I know FSXPlanner has the ability to edit approach data, meaning you can change the ILS approach to your renamed runway, and then add data for the new runway. However FSXPlanner seems to mess up some of the XML coding, meaning you need to edit it to remove the errors before either compiling manually, or as I do open it in ADE. ADE doesn't yet support the editing of approach data (needed for ATC to vector you to the ILS you placed in the AFCAD). As I said I don't know if AFX does this or not. If it does and you have a copy of 1.04, then use that. I've just done the same for Newquay airport in the UK as it has just had a name/ICAO code/runway change, and the ILS was on the stock 31, but is now on 12 and 30, so that meant a new ILS and an edit of the old one. Once you have your XML files saved by FSXPlanner, poke around inside it and you will see the approach data there for you. It's fairly easy to pick up - just watch the trasition altitudes - FSXPlanner puts it to metres rather than feet. Will
  13. Hi guys From what I can tell from the charts and from searching on the internet, there is no ILS on either end of the runway. So it's visuals all the way. Will
  14. Ok I'll see what I can do. I cant guarantee anything quickly, just because I'm juggling about 10 different FS projects all at once, along side real world things, but when I've got something to show I'll post. Will
  15. I think I've found the one you're after: http://cdn-www.airliners.net/photo/Air-Wes...d=&next_id= Also, I found a request for a Westcoast Air repaint: http://www.airliners.net/photo/West-Coast-...nada/1360761/L/. Do you still want that one?
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