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  1. The screenshots above is a screenshot of my custom scenery folder, i see no Aerosoft - EDDF Frankfurt folder. I had one in my disabled folder, which should not effect my scenery since its disabled. are you folks sure the scenery works with the latest build of XP11?
  2. So recently i updated to build 112101, i added the Frankfurt scenery into the custom scenery folder and booted up the sim, since i felt like flying out of Frankfurt. But when i load in, i can clearly see that AS Frankfurt has not loaded in, the default scenery of Frankfurt has. There will be screenshots attached to this post to better explain
  3. Hey, you thinking about updating your livery for the new buses?
  4. Heyho Just a quick question i had on my mind, is releated to Mathijs's update. A318/A319 Professional 14 days in between A320/A321 Professional 5 weeks in between Does this mean for example, the A318 gets released first then the A319, or the A318/19 at the same time and then the A320/21?
  5. Only other devs for P3D that got their 330 working in v4 is BBS (Blackbox sim), other then that. None. I were hoping that you folks would do a cargo version, but since you folks have said it wont happen. Am sorta sad
  6. well i did buy the "Mega Airport Frankfurt" it wasnt called Professional when i bought it, is it the same one that has always been on the store, or this the professional version a new product to sorta speak? if so, then it seems i have to buy it again
  7. Hey. Screenshot i have attached to this topic is enough for you folks to see what issues i got. What i've tried so far to fix it. - Moved both Airport and Terrain to the top of my scenery library order. - Moved the Airport and Terrain around, like i moved the Terrain above Airport vice versa. - Uninstalled scenery, made sure the folders were deleted and nothing was left behind. - Reinstalled the scenery and redid step 1 and 2. The only other AS sceneries i have as of now, is Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen and Milan. I have no clue what to do :/ - Chris
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