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  1. The pro atc x forum announced in December that a new version is in the process of BETA.
  2. Good evening Have not tried all the busses yet but can say that for me that the A318/A319 latest beta version V1.4.1.2 works fine with a networked pro/atc/x. I will do a full flight tomorrow to double check, but the radio switches auto for initial flight clearance and auto load of flight plan.
  3. Dear Sir Can confirm I updated to the latest versions using the updater. I am using p3d v5.1 with HF1. All my other aircraft work fine with pro-atc x. The problem starts at the begining of the flight when you first have to call the tower for clearance. You switch from the standby frequency (which is set wrong) to make it active, no comms, change frequency manually in standby and switch to that active position, still no comms. I am unable to make it any clearer for you so this is my last post on this subject. All the best to you all and my regards.
  4. As per my original post on this subject, no comms with pro-atc x even if you tune manually. There is RX but no TX. The download versions from my Aerosoft Account works fine with pro-atc. It's the update versions since 29th October.
  5. For me the situation is the same for the whole airbus family. for the A330 and for the others works fine.
  6. Afternoon Yes can confirm latest update no fix for the radio panel working with pro-Atc x.
  7. Well what I did was uninstall from windows control panel, delete all aerosoft files and reinstall from my account on the aerosoft shop. Then do not update from the updater. I have also uninstalled the a318-319 and the a320-321 since they are suspect at the moment.
  8. The hot fix update has not fixed the introduces radio panel fault. I have created a new topic for you to investigate. Many thanks and regards.
  9. Morning The latest update for the A330 has messed up the radio panel, and can no longer be used with Pro-atc. I have proven this by uninstall and reverting back. The standby frequency should be 128.25, even if I switch to the correct active frequency their is no comms to pro-atc.
  10. Great stuff, I hope it fixes an introduced radio issue with pro-atcx. If it does'nt I will expand and explain.
  11. I have no idea, but I would think it's an isolated issue, major problems soon show up here!! Do the usual, just fly and see what happens.
  12. Well then this fix is no good for you because the update wiped out the CPDLC.ini file in the A320 / A321. Looks like support will have to do a proper fix for you. But you are welcome to try mine. CPDLC.ini
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