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  1. Well ok that's fine, at least you have given me a clearer idea of the problem. I will ponder on it, many thanks Oliver.
  2. Thanks you, but if I understand you correctly the entry already points to the main folder P3D,. Is there something to add? I installed on my D: drive and have never moved it.
  3. ok So in conclusion the problem is not the the Aerosoft software but my simulator installation. I accept that, and will reinstall when the next p3d release comes out. Since my sim is working good in all respects except this none vital facility on just a small number of only Aerosoft airports, I do not feel the need at this time. Thank you for your time.
  4. I had a look at the registry and can only find entries( as in the example) that point to D:\Lockheed Martin. Many thanks but I am no expert at that level, are you saying I need to reinstall my Sim?
  5. Ok Fair enough, thank you all for your time. It is obviously not a known issue. If anyone else has, or has had, the same problem could you maybe let me know. I wont raise a ticket at the moment, I will live with it for the time being. Again thanks for looking into it for me.
  6. Hi By the way Malaga that looks correct, has the same issue.
  7. Hi Ok tried that, still no fix. The scenery works fine, its just the configurator that wont work. I do not know how to progress.
  8. Ok fair enough, to look like yours I would have to install it in the same location as you, which I can, is that the problem do you think?
  9. Hi I have just uninstalled and reinstalled in the same location as LSGG. No difference to the issue.
  10. Hi and thanks for your interest. Note I have Aerosoft LSGG and that configurator works fine.
  11. Thanks for your prompt reply I use p3d v4.5 with hf2 located on my d: drive. GCLP is Version= which I purchased today from Simmarket. It is installed in my C: documents folder in Prepar 3d add ons.
  12. Hello I cant get the configurator to work, I get a message box "The path c:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar 3D V4 could not be found" Any help would be appreciated. I get the same on other mega airports.
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