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  1. Morning/afternoon Am I correct in saying that if you don't do a clean install, ie just use windows un-install and leave the folders and files left over behind. A re-install achieves the same result.
  2. Thank you for asking, very kind. I can't spot a problem with the modified dates. I will do battle when the the beast turns on me againšŸ˜ Greetings from Alan
  3. Sorry all, I made a mistake. It's working good.
  4. Evening Mathijs A319 111CFM EGCC to LEIB I had to fly the hold manual since when I input 056 Right turn, the display on the MDU showed a left turn loop (which it started to fly). Also in the FMC there was no option to exit the hold, which I recall in the past it had. I no longer have the cockpit screen shots, I will fly a hold to-morrow with better info for you. Regards Alan
  5. Evening Just a report for you to check, for me the hold function has stopped working.
  6. I think you mean, it's work in progress. Many thanks.
  7. Thanks for explaining that, but why does your install not create this "fake" pmdg folder to cater for everyone? So if I understand you, if I dont have pmdg 737 installed, I create a folder PMDG in Prepar3Dv4 and within that a folder WX. I must have missed it in the manual since I have not read it.
  8. Good evening I have proved that without the PMDG 737 installed on my system the wind request fails in an active sky networked set-up. It seems to relate to the wx folder for wind requests in the PMDG directory, that you don't get if just the pmdg 777 is installed. Surely this can't be right to have the airbus reliant on another aircraft being installed. If I have got it wrong fair doo's
  9. Fair enough and Apologies Peter, I hope you resolve your problem soon. test.TXT
  10. Morning You are trying to run the wrong file, you have the .exe file missing Mr Peter
  11. Evening You can find the updater in the user name documents aerosoft asupdater folder. create a shortcut and run the asupdater.exe file.
  12. Thanks for the info Mathijs sorry for the duff report.
  13. Afternoon Sorry, it's working fine today. Must have been AS.
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