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  1. I have been on the look out for an Anchorage scenery for many years. Is there some reason no one wants to produce it? We have so many fine airports and I fly almost exclusively out of Anchorage for every corner of the world for Globe Cargo and when I fly the Beaver I fly a lot of times out of Lake Hood. Anyone know of a package in the works or one that was made, or what the issue with this airport is? sincerely, Desparately seeking Anchorage scenery
  2. Any chance that we might see a Sochi scenery? With the Olympics going there for the Winter Games of 2014, it sure seems an appropriate time to think about it anyway Nice seaside resort to add to the others. Brian
  3. YAY! I can now crash planes in two simulators lol...Nice find. Too bad I couldn't find my house! Brian
  4. Quick questions. Are the bubble canopys going to operate as an animation? And, will there be a virtual cabin to walk the length of the plane? I have Alpha's PBY, and so I am REALLY looking forward to seeing this one come out. Brian
  5. Has anyone else tried Ship Simulator? I got the demo and decided against it. I don't want to sail the calm waters of canals or around a few islands. I wanted to sail the big ships on the open seas, so if that is what you are looking for, you will be disappointed. Well, if you expected a "world" to sail in like FS, anyway. I saw an article recently on Flightsim.com about sailing in flight simulator, and the comment in the article was something to the effect that no one thinks of sailing in flightsim. I wanted to point the author quickly to : A) My article on flightsim.com about sailing in FS and down through the Panama canal. FS-Shipyards C) the VUSCG. D) VATSIM's rule against sailing on their network.... Brian
  6. I agree. I have started creating dirt strip and bush airports in Africa in anticipation of FSX. But I would like to see some larger airports in East Africa. Brian
  7. There is no difference between the avionics, but you get only the extended range jayhawk in the coast guard version. In the Seahawk/Boxer version you get lots of different models and skins. Also the Boxer comes with a number of missions that are related to the positioning of the Boxer throughout the globe. The Coast Guard comes with the Jayhawk and the Shipyard, which places the Cutter or the sinking sailboat wherever you like. I would highly recommend both products. The jayhawk in an extended range Search and Rescue helicopter. The Seahawk is a transport/communications/Anti-sub-marine helicopter. They are both built on the H-60 Airframe, but the variations are what make the difference. I have both packages, and the Jayhawk in the Boxer package does not have the extended range tanks. I think it would be misleading to call the coast guard package an upgrade. I think it uses the same base model, but after that it is a whole new package. I am sure Mathjis or Shaun will be along soon to explain it, but that's my opinion Brian
  8. Flightsim.com published my review of the Seahawk/Boxer package. You can tell it sat in the pile for a while. In the review I refer to the Beta of Coast Guard. Anyway, really glad I got a chance to write the review. Check it out. http://www.flightsim.com/cgi/kds?$=main/review/seahawk.htm Brian
  9. Pitot heat heats the pitot tube so it doesn't freeze up. You know, the pitot...where you get your airspeed readings...has nothing to do with heating the pilot. Brian
  10. I finally re-uploaded the Kodiak Air Station to AVSIM.com. It's been on Flightsim.com for ages, but somehow after 3 weeks on AVSIM was removed. It's back now. Thanks for the patience. Brian
  11. Looking for the answer also, but I know it will come quickly with this group Brian
  12. Whew, the U.S. Coast Guard has been busy with a ship off Dutch Harbor. It's listing about 80 degrees over. A Cutter is one the way, but it will take 20 hours to arrive. A C-130 dropped some liferafts and an HH-60 is enroute from Kodiak. Take a look at the video of the accident from the back of the C-130 as it passed overhead. It's a few minutes old now, but it takes a while to get the video out. It's the Cougar Ace a car carrier out of Singapore. http://www.piersystem.com/clients/c780/60607.MPG
  13. You are more than welcome to put my Kodiak station or Attu on there, but I didn't do Sitka.zip, so I am not sure on that one. Brian
  14. My thoughts exactly. Where in the world is the water There is a post below on the Guardian...looks like a good fall flic. Brian
  15. Between Richard, Mathijs, and Shaun, you just couldn't ask for faster and better service. That's another reason to buy again and again. The other reason is, even back to the LAGO days this group has been the best. I have to admit when the announcement was made that he was leaving Lago I was upset cuz I thought there would be no more.....little did I know I would fill my HDD with Aerosoft lol Brian
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